Finding the right driver for two constant current LEDs in linear connection

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I have two LEDs connected to their individual LED driver.

LED1 driver output: 185-285V DC 260mA

LED2 driver output: 150-185V DC 260mA

I do not know the specs of the LEDs (it’s a two-ring chandelier). If I need to measure anything, I can buy a multimeter and figure that out.

If I want to join both in linear and reduce the brightness output by 75% (1/4th of existing output), what kind of driver specs should I look for? It would be a huge plus if the driver is dimmable.

If you know the make/model of a driver with similar specs, please let me know. I am having a hard time finding drivers with high voltage+low current.led-driverconstant-currentdimmingShareEditFollowFlagasked 44 mins agoMihir99 New contributor

  • Questions on the use of electronic devices are off-topic as this site is intended specifically for questions on electronics design. – my advice to you is turn this question into a design question by locating the LED data sheets and linking the driver data sheets. By data sheets I mean pdf documents that specifically detail performance characteristics of both parts. I do not mean links to selling sites. – Andy aka 41 mins ago 
  • You might be interested in this chat record on constant current drivers for LEDs 350mA and 1A max: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/57028075#57028075 – tlfong01 28 mins ago   
  • We are designing low voltage CCS LED drivers. But yours are very high voltage: 185-285v LED Tube Light Driver, Model Name/Number: 22W indiamart.com/proddetail/tube-light-driver-7679477973.html – tlfong01 11 mins ago   
  • @tlfong01 I fail to see the relevance of the chat or your link to this question. When you say this: We are designing low voltage CCS LED drivers – are you trying to advertise your products (as per the link) As far as I ca tell, these are not what the OP wants. – Andy aka 7 mins ago
  • Your 180+ V seems to be VAC, and should be stepped down to lower VDC to power LED chains. – tlfong01 7 mins ago   
  • This is really a shopping question. I do not recommend trying to design an high voltage circuit when you do not even have a multimeter, it would be dangerous. – Lorenzo Marcantonio 46 secs ago

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