Controlling DC motor with H-Bridge motor driver and a relay KY019, L298N

Controlling DC motor with H-Bridge motor driver and a relay

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I am trying to build a smart car.

I have 4 DC motors with tires. They are yellow 3-6V hobby project motors. I have two L298 H-Bridge boards and 1 relay.

I connected two of motors to one H-Bridge and other two to the other H-Bridge. I want to control it with my Raspberry but the power sources should be different because of the motors’ current so I am using 12V battery for the motors. I also want to use one relay to control its power with the Raspberry to switch. My relay is FL-3FF-S-Z 5VDC single relay (10A-250VAC/30VDC, 12A-125VAC/28VDC.)

Can my relay support the current for 4 DC motors?

10A is written on my relay however I dont know if it can reach to 10A with my 12V battery.

When my motors are loaded, how can I calculate the maximum current if it is working with my relays threshold?


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