How to measure chlorine content in water using low cost sensor?

How to measure chlorine content in water using low cost sensor?

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In my project, I need to measure chlorine content in water from the water treatment plant. I searched on google and found some sensors, but the cost of the sensors is too high.

I wonder how it’s possible that some companies can sell ph and chlorine sensor meters for very low cost. Is there any low-cost chlorine sensor available on the market? If yes, please share the link with me or any other optional solutions.microcontrolleranalogsensoradcelectrochemicalShareEditFollowFlagedited 58 mins agoJRE44.4k88 gold badges7373 silver badges123123 bronze badgesasked 1 hour agoAravinth Kalai1111 bronze badge

  • I don’t know nothing about chlorine sensor. Can ph senor do? A year ago I played with a US$10 ph sensor and found it good: PH-4502C pH Sensor (US$10) Calibration – RpiSE 2019apr18 raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/96653/… – tlfong01 50 mins ago    
  • There’s cheap pH meters for testing soil or swimming pool pH – these don’t require (or allow for) calibration or reproducibility. Then there’s pH meters and sensors meant for precision work, which have calibration (and require periodic recalibration) for precision, accuracy, and reproducibility. You get what you pay for. That said, I find pH meters and probes on Amazon with calibration solutions. Figure out what level of precision you need and find out what’s available. – JRE 48 mins ago
  • Or try these chlorine sensors (50+ page catalog! :): es.aliexpress.com/af/… – tlfong01 47 mins ago    
  • Questions seeking recommendations for specific products or places to purchase them are off-topic as they are rarely useful to others and quickly obsolete. – Andy aka 24 mins ago

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