Re: GPIO.input voltage levels vs edge detection

Fri Dec 14, 2018 4:15 amBrandon92 wrote: Wed Dec 12, 2018 8:14 pmFor a project I used this LED and it was powered by 3.3V with a 650r resistor. And for that project I need still to increase the value of the resistor,
MCP23017 Port Status LEDs

For my MCP23017 projects, I am using 3mm rectangular LEDs, with the following current limiting resistors, Red = 1k2, Yellow = 560R, Green = 4k7, Blue = 1k2.

/ to continue, …

Appendices LED Spec

KingBright 2x5mm Through-Hole Rectangular LED

Super Bright Red
https://www.kingbright.com/attachments/ … er.9A).pdf

High Efficiency Red (Iv (mcd) @10mA = 7)
https://www.kingbright.com/attachments/ … r.16A).pdf

Yellow (Iv (mcd) @10mA = 4)
https://www.kingbright.com/attachments/ … r.15B).pdf

Green (Iv (mcd) @10mA = 30)
https://www.kingbright.com/attachments/ … r.11B).pdf

Blue (Iv (mcd) @10mA = 55)
https://www.kingbright.com/attachments/ … er.6B).pdf
…Attachmentsmcp23017_test_2018dec1401.jpgmcp23017_test_2018dec1401.jpg (163.55 KiB) Viewed 3936 timesI am an electronics and smart home hobbyist.

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