Diode I-V Curve Plotting Discussion

How can I get the graphic of the a resistor-diode circuit’s ID-VD graph?

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I have tried the following but I am not sure if it is correct or not. How can I be sure?

enter image description here

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  • So you are using a circuit simulator to do the DC sweep I-V curve tracing. Your curve looks OK. Of course you can prove it by an experiment using real components. I did that a couple of weeks ago. I used the following equipment (1) manual push button adjustable PSU, with fine steps of mV, (2) two cheap multi-meters to measure the voltage across the diode, and current of order 0.1mA and 0.1mV. So I took discrete manual I, V readings and use Excel to plot the I-V curve. The following two pictures show the setup and results / to continue, … – tlfong01 18 mins ago   
  • Sorry, I cannot show the pictures as comments. So I am uploading them as an answer. Please let me know if you wish to know more details. – tlfong01 16 mins ago   
  • @CanberkÖzçelik: How to do an IV curve for real. – JRE 10 mins ago

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How to plot the I-V curve of a diode?



iv curve setup


iv curve results

I am testing a tunnel. The current reading are too small to show clearly on only one continuous curve. So I am plotting three separate curves:

(1) before negative resistance region,

(2) negative resistance region,

(3) after negative resistance region.

I also used the python matPlotLib plotting package to plot a single tunnel diode I-V curve, as shown below.

iv curve results

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