Control IR Port With GPIO

Control IR Port With GPIO

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I’m working on a project that needs the ability to control an HDMI switch programmatically. There are going to be a lot of these boxes so price of the components used is very important.

I’ve experimented with automatic HDMI switches but I can’t seem to get the level of control I need. I’m thinking about using a switch with a remote control but hardwire it to the GPIO.

The idea is I can send simulate the IR signal and be able to make the switch change inputs. I’m looking at using this specific HDMI switch:

Is this possible?

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Yes, it is possible.

You will need to connect an IR LED and some circuitry to switch it from a Pi GPIO (an IR LED needs more power than can be supplied by a PI GPIO).

If you search for IR blaster and Raspberry Pi you may find some ready made products and/or designs for ones you can build yourself.

Once you have this hardware you will be able to send the IR commands using software on the Pi.

You should be able to find lots of similar projects if you search.shareedit  follow  flag answered 20 hours agojoan60.4k44 gold badges5656 silver badges9090 bronze badges

  • 1I should have been more specific, I’d like to skip over the sending of the IR signal and have a hardwire between the PI and the device. The HDMI switch has a plug for the IR receiver. I was thinking remove the IR receiver and wire it directly to the GPIO. The finished product would be housed together so using IR seems like more trouble that it’s worth – Kywillis 19 hours ago
  • 1Do you know what the output of the IR receiver is? Without that (both data protocol / structure / hardware pin out / voltages etc) our guess is as good as yours… Even ‘posh’ audio systems have IR links in the same cabinet (B&O being a classic one for this in their older systems). Great thing about standards – there are so many of them to choose from… – Andyroo 19 hours ago
  • 1@Kywillis: “I should have been more specific“. I agree. Were you aware that you may edit your own question to correct errors? – Seamus 14 hours ago

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