Month: November 2020

hx711 chat

tlfong014846Mon 11:24 tlfong014846Mon 12:11Now I have assembled a poor man’s cheapy Covid-19 AI cough recorder and real-time analyser. @Circuitfantasist “the idea behind op-amp inverting circuits, negative “resistors”, … I can share it […]

Rpi CM4 Etc

tlfong014836Sun 12:43(4) Introduction to Operational Amplifiers with ***LTSpice*** –…Errata in chatting. I forgot to mention that what you chat in this room cannot be edited, meaning every mistake in on record. […]

tlfong014836Sat 12:06I know one of the good points of my relay answer are (a) It is on a subject JD-Vcc that causes confusion to many newbies. So I gave a comprehensive answer […]