01 Introduction
 02 Semiconductors I – Intrinsic
 03 Semiconductors II-Doped; transport
 04 P-n junction basics
 05 Reverse biased junction & breakdown
 06 Diode rectifier, p-n junction at forward bias
 07 P-n junction capacitance
 08 Tunnel Diodes
 09 Schottky & Ohmic Contacts
 10 Photodiodes and LEDs
 11 Gunn Diodes
 12 Diode equivalent circuits
 14 Transistors – Introduction- FETs
 15 MOSFET threshold Voltage
 16 MOSFET I-V and C-V
 17 MOSFET amplifiers & eq circuit
 18 CMOS
 20 Bipolar Juncton Transistor principles
 21 BJT circuits, gain and design
 22 BJT high-freq equiv circuits
 23 BJT models and equiv circuits

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