NRF24L01+ connect Raspberry Pi with Arduino Due

NRF24L01+ connect Raspberry Pi with Arduino Due

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My Pi is reciving no data from Arduino

NRF24L01+ Pin layout

PI 4 Pin Layout

PI NRF24L01+ Connection List

Due Layout and NRF24L01+ Connection

Python Code (Running on PI 4)

Python Output

Arduino Code

Tutorial I watched: youtube.com/watch?v=_68f-yp63ds&t=999s

Arduino Libary: github.com/tmrh20/RF24

Python Libary: github.com/Gadgetoid/py-spidev/archive/master.zip

Arduino and Raspberry Pi code download:


Thanks for help! If you need more information just ask me ^^pythonarduinoraspberry-pishareedit  follow  flag asked Nov 12 at 13:59Gig Gig1111 bronze badgeadd a commentstart a bounty


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