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Load sensor – to sense/track a ball movement

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Wondering if anyone can give me some directional steer on a project I’m working on for Uni.

In short, My team are working on a project where we want to track the movement of a croquet ball from one shot location on a training mat to another location through the goal.

We’re thinking the best thing might be to use two load sensors that might be linked. The weight of the ball on sensor 1 would have the sensor in “ready” mode, once the ball is hit the sensor would Activate the second sensor which would detect when the balls weight is on it. The objective is to track a couple of things, the goal scored, the speed of the shot and maybe accuracy depending how big the sensor pad might be.

As you can probably tell I’ve pieced this together from some google searches. My main question is would two linked load sensors be the best thing for this? To allow me accurately track the croquet balls movement from one location to another on a fixed training mat?

Thanks for any answers in advance : )sensorloadproximity-sensorshareedit  follow  flag asked 2 hours agoMollyMal1 New contributor

  • 1I recommend providing dimensions for everything — in detail. We might tend to assume too much. Besides, you know what you are talking about. (After that, I’d expect still more questions as those details become clearer.) – jonk 1 hour ago 
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