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Q: LiPo battery sparks when used with DC step up convertor

animesh I’m using a LiPo battery 700mAh 3.7V with MT3608 DC-DC step up boost converter module 2V-24V 2A. The problem is when I connect these to anything or even the wires just touch each other they produce a spark. I want to hide or remove them so that it doesn’t harm my ESP32. Also is there any way with…batterieslipobuck-boostTony Stewart Sunnyskyguy EE75All step-up converters spark unless you have soft start. Do you understand transformed equations for V,I,Z ratios? animesh@TonyStewartSunnyskyguyEE75 What is a soft start, sir? Please tell me about it, I’m still learning. I don’t know much about Transformed eq.@TonyStewartSunnyskyguyEE75 And also please tell how I can reduce the amps in the circuit? Thanks tlfong014676Ah, let me see. When your LiPo connects/touches the MT3608 guy, there will not be any spark yet. It is only when you disconnect (breaks the circuit), then the scary spark jumps out. A couple of solutions: (1) Use a little manual power switch, eg, 125VDC, 2A to power off off the Lipo power bank. The way, the spark still jumps out, but at the power switch contacts, and some how “kills/absorbs” by the little manual power switch. Andy aka@animesh what do you have connected as a load on the 24 volt output? What are your expectations of maximum load current on the 24 volt output? tlfong014676This is an example of the power switch I am referring to: Miniature Rocker Switch / Single pole Double throw SPDT 120VAC 6A – US$2 (10 pcs) fr.aliexpress.com/item/…. Acutally you can use any other similar power switches under 125V 2A.This is the MT38608 module schematic, for our future discussions.:mt3608stepupmodule.files.wordpress.com/2017/11/‌​…Another precaution you might to take is the following: (2) Do not connect the load before setting up and switch on power, to avoid big rush of current when you switch on power. Also you can start with a small test load, and increase loading gradually, or in small steps, to verify if the big load is making the trouble. I know ESP32 takes very little current, but are you also connecting a BLDC motor to the boosted up 24VDC?Another general trick is to use “delay start up” circuit. The idea is first switch Vcc/Lipo power, by using a cap to delay the MT3608 PSU enable signal. The red square in the following LM2596 PSU shows how to do it. (3) i.imgur.com/Z582tZe.jpg. WARNING: Me just a friendly hobbyist, no guarantee no nothing would melt down or blow up. Good luck and cheers. Tony Stewart Sunnyskyguy EE75Tue 19:47@tlfong01 your assumptions that a step up converter input impedance is inductive is wrong. it is capacitive and the soft start is not possible on this simple switcher unless you use an ICL component.(Digikey e.g.j Graham StevensonMaybe the best advice is to suggest that ‘arcen/sparken’ are a normal consequence of connecting ‘hot’ circuits ! Live with the sparks or fit a switch. tlfong014676@Tony Stewart Sunnyskyguy EE75, many thanks for pointing out my mistake. I made the wrong suggestion because I thought MT3608 is like LM2596 which can use the same delay startup recommended by the LM2596 datasheet. I also wrongly thought that LM2596 input is inductive because I know it uses an inductor in it switching circuit. BTW, I heard of Digikey but I never heard of “ICL” component. I only started relearning electronics after 2008. I still remember my big surprise when I revisited the electronics supermarket that they are selling magazines specially for “SMD” I almost knew nothing. 🙂 Tony Stewart Sunnyskyguy EE75In the time you wrote this you could search google for ICL Digikey and learn faster… try that next time, instead of sharing what you aren’t sure about tlfong014676@Tony Stewart Sunnyskyguy EE75, many thanks for your advice. So I googled and found the following: “Honeywell ICL Inrush Current Limiters are an effective way of limiting the Inrush of current that can damage components in a switching power supply and other power devices when the equipment is turned on.“. But there is a problem. I found DigiKey selling ICL155R006-01 at USD$4 digikey.com/en/products/detail/…. / to continue, … Tony Stewart Sunnyskyguy EE75I did not ask you to Google any webpage . search by design parameters on DK. E.g. 1A $0.19 digikey.com/en/products/detail/cantherm/MF72-033D9/1190942. It I’m sure you can find local sources tlfong014676Tue 19:47Your link seems to be a source where minimum order is 3,000 pieces. I search local sources but for small orders the price is still US$4!: AliEXpress ICL155R006-01 ICL 5 OHMS 20% 6A 15MM – US$4 aliexpress.com/i/4000535372712.htmlUsually I shop a TaoBao, which is local, and cheaper than AliExpress. But the price is still we poor hobbyists cannot afford – ¥32: “ICL155R006-01 ICL 5 OHM 20% 6A 15MM ¥32” detail.tmall.com/…. But my MT3908 step up power supply is only ¥2: “TaoBao MT3608 DC-DC 2A 2-24V step up 5/9/12/-28Vadj ¥1.55”: item.taobao.com/….@animesh, in case you are like me, a poor hobbyist, and worrying of frying the MT3608 boost converter one day, you might like to get prepared: “Repair: MT3608 boost converter“: youtube.com/watch?v=-3tBw6WSZVM. Good luck. Cheers.@Tony Stewart Sunnyskyguy EE75, I googled & found TaoBaos selling ICL at ¥1, ie 32 times cheaper than DigiKey: (1) NTC ICL/Thermistor Spec trigger.ru/content/Catalogue/pdf/ntc.pdf, (2) TaoBao NTC5D-7/-9/-11/-13/-15/-20 NTC Thermistor ¥0.1 – 1.0 item.taobao.com/…. Actually I have been using those cheapie thermistors for temperature comprehension of ADCs for a couple of years. I only knew NTC was for temperature comprehension, but I did not know those dirt cheap NTCs are also for ICL.:)I read a MT3608 boost converter with the following remark: “The chip is supposed to have overload and temperature protection, but it is not reliable, I trashed two modules during the test.. (1) “MT3608 DC-DC booster module 2A booster Evaluation Report lygte-info.dk”: lygte-info.dk/review/…. Si I think it is a good idea to be very careful when playing with this boost converter.@animesh, It appears that MT3608 convert booster is a bit tricky to use. The following Q&A hints the problem: (1) “MT3608 Step Up Booster Problem – EESE 2020sep02”: electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/519685/…. I think “jonk’s advice at 2020Sep02/22:33” seems good. I might try to verify that later. Cheers.  2 days later… tlfong018:46I must confess that I know very little about NTC as ICL. My only limited experience is using it in temperature compensated sensor circuits. This morning I found the following interesting: electronics.stackexchange.com/…. I am thinking of read the datasheet of the NTC ICL in my junk box.  2 hours later… tlfong01467611:04So I googled the datasheet of my cheapie ¥0.07 NTC5D7.

user image

It appears that my NTC5D7 resistance is 5Ω at room temperature, and might drop to 0.3Ω at 2A. I think I need only these two parameters to design my MT3608 test setup.So I read the above EESE Q&A electronics.stackexchange.com/… with the following comments:(1) I purchased some cheap boards at about $1 each. The first one I quickly destroyed. But I pretty much knew the problem then. It cannot be powered up without a load present. (It destroys itself without one.) Adding a simple resistor was all that was needed. I’ve had zero problem with the rest of them. . – @jonk 2020Sep02(2) The alternative is to go ahead and buy cheap stuff from the surplus or China market, and test everything as it comes in the door. For instance, I’m pretty sure those power supply modules that are so ubiquitous are just copied from vendor’s data sheets, without any characterization or testing. – @TimWescott 2020sep02@jonk does not say what resistor load he uses. I guess 5R should ba a good start. I also more or less agree with @TimWescott that I should test everything with the seemingly fake MT3608 boost converteres. This is what I am going to do next. Stay tuned, …I have never heard “AeroSemi”. So I asked my friend Goggle.About AeroSemi

西安航天民芯科技有限公司成立于2011年2月, 公司依托雄厚的航天资源优势和品牌优势,以核心团队的技术优势为中心,专注于开发新能源汽车动力电池管理系统、动力电池充电管理芯片、电池电源管理系统芯片、智能家居和物联网芯片、电机管理系统芯片、LED绿色照明驱动芯片、高集成度移动信息终端电源管理单元(PMU)、高低压DC/DC、AC/DC转换器等系列化战略新兴产业电源管理芯片产品及解决方案。

目前公司产品谱系包括动力电池BMS管理系统芯片、32BIT ARM M0系列MCU芯片、BLDC电机控制和管理芯片、高速高精度ADC和DAC芯片、WLED DRIVER、SWITCH CHARGER、HV BUCK DC/DC、AC/DC转换器、音频功放、LED TV专用芯片等。

经过多年的发展,已成长为一家年销售额过亿的规模集成电路设计企业。公司已通过国家级集成电路设计企业、高新技术企业、ISO9001:2015质量体系等多项资质的认证。 tlfong01467611:58AeroSemi profile is impressive. MT3608 is as impressive. All these years I only know LM2596 step up converter, and almost nothing about step down stuff, and so have developed a slight inferiority complex. Learning MT3608 should be self healing, and stop my bad friends LOL at me, and begin to respect me more than I deserve.I was surprise the find MT3608 uses many new things in converters: (1) Use MOSFET, (2) 1.2MHz switching frequency, (3) built in soft start to limit inrush current and extend battary life, (4) Pulse Frequency Modulation (I don’t know what is this for, but should be good stuff. 🙂

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Ah, locking down lunch time! Would come back later. 


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