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mguima2:50 PMtlfong01 Congrats, now you passed the 1,000 reputation thresold! (I had the honour of giving the triggering upvote). I passed this level a few days ago; when they said that I could “see votes count”, I thought that I would be able to see who voted up and down to may answers, but this is not what happens, we only can see that, for example, a +3 question is really +4 and -1 votes.room mode changed to Gallery: anyone may enter, but only approved users can talkThe other “privilege” from 1,000 is to create rooms like this (but I never did it untill now).I’m a hobbyst and come to this site only for amusement. I find it impressive how there are some “pundits” that doesn’t seems capable to understand that most of times OP is just a newbie with a protoboard, some modules and a bunch of jumper wires.This hobby, in this days, is so much like building lego, the problem is that the “hobbyst” think that he built something, but most of times he doesnt have any clue about what he did. If there is some chance for the hobbyst go ahead with his learning experience, he needs a kind guidance, and most of time the pundits of EE.SE dont seem to be able to perceive this.Since I’m not a professional, my participation in this site is just like I do with electronics: a hobby. I think that writing answers is an opportunity to learn and to reinforce the knowlege about that theme. 


tlfong013:07 PM@mguima Thank you very much for your kindness. About the up/down votes, I think only if you have very high reputation, perhaps 30k, than yoou can see who votes you up or down.@mguima Ah, I am glad I can now open a chat room. I always wonder who can and who cannot.@mguima Ha, yes, so many of newbies here do not have a multi-meter, not to mention scope. I used to tell them that a multi-meter is handy, but not a scope. I also show them how blinking LED can tell there is an oscillation of high or low frequency.@mguima Yes, I agree that many so call “elites” in EESE and RpiSE are not that kind to the newbies. This is an old problem. Mor about this later.@mguima Yes, I once worked in the electronics industry and I enjoyed my profession. But my city has changed from making toys such as yellow rubber duck and ninja turtle for children, to now making money. This is not a bad thing for me, because electronics as a hobby is much more enjoyable than a job, which might be very stressful, with tight deadlines.I also once taught computer. I found that when you try to describe a subject to newbies, you sometimes find you actually don’t understanding the stuff thoroughly, and sometimes you teach the wrong concept to the newbies. I love the greedy newbies who always want more from the computer, and I often find that actually greedy necessity creates invention, or new ways to use a computer. So there is a saying in our culture “Teaching and learning go together”.One more thing, I like the MIT idea of making things help learning deeper, more solid. It is like drilling exercises in mathematics, the more you drill, the more you find that you actually don’t know the stuff that thoroughly.Ah, sorry, I need to leave. It is too late to go to bed (me GMT +8). Enjoy chatting with you. Chat you tomorrow or over the weekend. Cheers. 

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