Rpi Robotics Project Using Cheap Motors? [closed]

How to start a Rpi Robotics Project Using Cheap Motors? [closed]

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I am about to start a raspberry pi robotics project and am looking into what motors to use, I was wondering if there are any good motors anyone would recommend.

Then robot will be pretty small and light (3D printed) so the motors don’t need to be all that powerful. I also don’t have a specific top speed in mind. I am just looking for some cheap(ish) suggestions I could research.pi-3hardwaredc-motorroboticsshareedit  follow  reopenflagedited 16 hours agotlfong013,29733 gold badges77 silver badges2121 bronze badgesasked yesterdayAustin2911 silver badge22 bronze badges

  • I would recommend to start off with this: projects.raspberrypi.org/en/projects/build-a-buggy – tlfong01 yesterday   
  • 2your question is not related to the RPi and it is a shopping question … that is a double no-no for this site … find a specific motor, so that it is not a shopping question and ask if it is suitable at robotics.stackexchange.com/questions – jsotola 23 hours ago 
  • Your Rpi Robotics Project Using Cheap Motors is good. I would recommend to start with the official rpi.org.projects’ suggestion on “How to build a Robot Buggy”: projects.raspberrypi.org/en/projects/build-a-buggy. This tutorial uses the most popular yellow toy motor TT130 and also the most popular motor driver L298N. It is very newbie friendly. When you have a rough idea on DC motors, you can google further for more powerful motors beside TT130 and also more efficient motor drivers beside L298N. Have a nice project. Cheers. . – tlfong01 15 hours ago    

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