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Synchronisation of the reading of 2 ADS1299 by the Raspberry PI4 [closed]

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I am using a python code for SPI communocation between 1 ADS1299 and Raspberry PI4(https://github.com/wjcroft/RaspberryPiADS1299/blob/master/RaspberryPiADS1299/ADS1299_API.py) but I want to read data from 2 ADS1299 in cascade mode that’s mean using 2 ADS1299 and reading data simultaneously.Each ADS1299 has it’s own cheap select but sharing the same MOSI and MISO and SCLK.Can anyone help le reading data from 2 ADS1299 by making modification in the library or the python code?

from RaspberryPiADS1299 
import ADS1299_API
from time import time, sleep

# init ads api
ads = ADS1299_API()

# init device
# attach default callback
# configure ads

print ("ADS1299 API test stream starting")

# begin test streaming

# begin EEG streaming
# ads.startEegStream()

# wait

print ("ADS1299 API test stream stopping")

# stop device
# clean up

print ("Test Over")

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  • 2There is no relevance to the Raspberry Pi. You are asking us to read the documentation/code of the ADS1299_API module, understand it, and change it to suit your needs. These are all things you need to have tried yourself. – joan 6 hours ago
  • Hi @sarra marmouche, Welcome and nice to meet you. Ah, let me see. So you wish to use Rpi4B to interface 2 ADS1299. I skimmed your python program and immediately noticed the first two lines: “(1) from RaspberryPiADS1299, (2) import ADS1299_API. I didn’t bother to read on, and immediately call my friend Google. GG found me the link in 01. seconds. I followed the link and found one and only one setup code, using my stupid human eye, in another 5 seconds, / to continues, … – tlfong01 5 hours ago   
  • Now the interesting links are: (1) wjcroft/RaspberryPiADS1299 github.com/wjcroft/RaspberryPiADS1299 (2) RaspberryPiADS1299/RaspberryPiADS1299/ADS1299_API.py / github.com/wjcroft/RaspberryPiADS1299/blob/master/…, / to continue, … – tlfong01 5 hours ago   
  • Now I have copied the complete listing of the ADS1299_API module to my penzu programming log to get started for a quick program analysis: (3) “ADS1299 Programming Notes V0.1“: penzu.com/p/4bd6c019. Please confirm (a) I am following your link correctly, and (b) You can read my Win 10 Chinese character version generated text file penzu diary without seeing any funny characters, before I move on. – tlfong01 5 hours ago    
  • Never heard of ADS1299, googled to know more: (4) ADS1299 24-Bit, ADC for EEG ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/… (5) AliExpress ADS1299EEGFE-PDK Kit – US$450 fr.aliexpress.com/item/…. Please confirm if you are playing this US$450 toy. I am feeling jealous! 🙂 – tlfong01 5 hours ago    
  • I am a poor hobbyist, though I also play with cheapie ECG stuff. I need to read my old post to refresh my memory. This question is closed. Please confirm if you can still read it:How can Rpi read data of a heart rate sensor module, such as AD8232? [closed] – rpise 2019may11 raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/98416/… – tlfong01 5 hours ago   
  • Now AD8232 cf ADS1299: (7) AD8232 ECG Single-Lead, Heart Rate Monitor Front End – Analog Devices analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/… (8) AliExpress AD8232 ECG Module Catlog aliexpress.com/w/wholesale-ad8232.html (9) AliExpress AD8232 ECG Module – US$9 fr.aliexpress.com/item/… – tlfong01 4 hours ago    
  • Now your EEG toy that is 5 times more expensive than my ECG toy indeed triggers my Inferiority complex brain wave, so I need to do some EEG research on my inferiority complex α wave. Now I am going to read the EEG python program I just downloaded. Ah locking down supper time. I need to go. See you late this evening, or tomorrow. Cheers. – tlfong01 4 hours ago   
  • So I quickly read the ADS1299 program and made the following summary: (1) The code was written in 2017 for Rpi Jessie, so a bit out of date. (1) There are instructions to change SPI 0,0 to SPI 0,1. But if using Rpi4B buster, there should be more options, to connect to 5 SPI busses for multiple ADS1299 modules. The init/setup module’s SPI buss setting is simple to change. The penzu leb log I included has a template for SPI CMP3008/3201/3208, etc. / to continue, … – tlfong01 57 mins ago   
  • It should not be that difficult to add other SPI functions to the skeleton for SPI ADS1256, ADS1299 ADCs. Ref: electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/515225/…. – tlfong01 56 mins ago   

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