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How to read the code off of an ESP8285?

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I was using an ESP8285 for a project that I started a little bit ago. I had let the project sit for awhile and had lost the documentation including the source code. Is there a way to pull the code out like as a hex file and upload it to a new ESP8285 module that I have?microcontrollershareedit  follow  flag asked 1 hour agoXDM1 New contributor

  • 1You might be able to “clone” it, but the source code is gone, so you’ll never be able to finish the project. Check carefully for misplaced files, otherwise you should probably start again; having a sense of the right path from your past experience will make that more efficient than the first time around. – Chris Stratton 56 mins ago 
  • 1Would esptool be able to do something like this? – XDM 29 mins ago
  • Well, I usually document my code for later reference. Last time I learned ESP8266-12 to blink LED, I actually wrote 150+ posts (Ref 2 below). But almost always I don’t use old code, because new ESP models and new IDEs and libraries coming out every quarter. Now I have just bought ESP32 and looking for new IDEs. ESP8266 is indeed to get started, so you might to like read this ESP8255 instructable to refresh your mind: (1) ESP8285 Instructable – How to Get Started (& Blink a LED)? – Projectsforallr: instructables.com/id/How-to-Get-Started-With-ESP8285-Module- to continue, … – tlfong01 2 mins ago   Edit   

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