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What are the two sensors doing in the automatic bread production line? [closed]

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I want to know what is the name of these 2 sensors and what function they perform

Sensor 1 Picture 1
Sensor 1 Picture 2
Sensor 2 Picture 1
Sensor 2 Picture 2

Some of you were complaining about the picture quality. It is the highest quality image I can get. Also these sensors were used in a bread making factory. Link is https://youtu.be/xM7tkREK2IE. Sensor 1 at 1:11 and Sensor 2 at 5:02 . Now please answer my question.sensorelectricalelectric-machinefunctionsensingshareedit  follow  flagedited 53 mins agotlfong0138022 silver badges55 bronze badgesasked 15 hours agoKaran Srivastava111 bronze badge

  • 1We need better images, one is out of focus. Normally these would be object detectors using infra-red light or magnetic detection. It would help to know what products they have to count. – VTNCaGNtdDVNalUy 14 hours ago
  • 2There’s insufficient data (only blurred photographs) in your question, to give a meaningful answer. – vu2nan 14 hours ago 
  • 2Oh my goodness, is it a ninja level spy job interview? I would say Sensor 1 is a light sensor for the smart curtain, and Sensor 2 is an IR sensor. My answers are of course nonsense, but in order to go to second round, I need to give answesr to impress the panel that I am making brainstorming curious judgments (without cursing the stupid panel showing me blurred pictures). Of course it is the spy’s job to find out more clues from blurred pictures. That is what a spy is for. 🙂 – tlfong01 13 hours ago   
  • 3the clarity of the pictures is irrelevant … the question is nonsense … the question is similar to showing a picture of a cardboard box and asking what is inside the box – jsotola 13 hours ago 
  • 1@jsotola That would be like Schrodinger’s cat? Are these sensors counting cats? – VTNCaGNtdDVNalUy 13 hours ago
  • 1I have updated the question with better photos and also provided the YouTube video link with spefic time when the 2 sensors appears. So please answer the question. – Karan Srivastava 12 hours ago
  • @Karan Srivastava, I confess me IQ 97 failed your ninja grade interview. Now I want to try by best on the junior grade exam. My answer: (1) Sensor 1 is a remote IR temperature sensor, to check the surface temperature of the baked stuff. (2) Senor 2 is an IR reflective senor, to detect and count the little guys passing on. Let me see if I can use google image to find out the models of the two sensors. Any time limit for this second round interview, Sir? – tlfong01 12 hours ago   
  • I am not rude 🙂. Answer the question if you know – Karan Srivastava 11 hours ago
  • @tlfong01, Sensor 1 is not a IR temperature sensor for sure because it is sensing the dough balls (see the video please, I have provided it for this purpose only , use it) – Karan Srivastava 11 hours ago
  • 2Sensor 1 is a dough ball sensor – jsotola 11 hours ago
  • @jsotola What do you mean by Dough Ball sensor 😅. Please watch the video if you are not getting the picture right and answer the question 🙂 – Karan Srivastava 11 hours ago
  • 2@KaranSrivastava you said that sensor 1 is sensing dough balls, that makes it a dough ball sensor … sensor 2 is a dough tray sensor – jsotola 11 hours ago 
  • But there does not exist a sensor called dough ball sensor 😃. Also I think both sensor are counting the no of object passed so in my opinion it is object counting sensor and not a dough ball sensor 🙂 – Karan Srivastava 11 hours ago
  • 1you asked for the name of the sensor … the name would be whatever the manufacturer of the machine chooses to call it … it could be sensor 1 or s1 or s_ball … i suggest that you contact the manufacturer and ask – jsotola 11 hours ago
  • @Karan Srivastava stop being rude, this website is a community helping for free, you shouldnt keep saying answer the question when the data your are providing is so stupidly low quality and almost useless. – Ahmed Eshra 7 hours ago 

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2 Answers



What the two sensors over there are up to? Can I know their names, Mr Ninja?

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Short Answer

Part A – What the two sensors are up to?

The sensors look like the cheap infrared detectors hobbyists used for obstacle avoidance toy cars (Refs 5, 6).

However, unlike the bread production line application, the obstacle to avoid usually has a smooth surface to reflective light. Also in this case, detector is not moving, but obstacle is.

In this automatic bread production line application, the bread should not reflect light that well, so the typical trick is to place a stainless plate in front of the obstacle to reflect light. Now the obstacle (bread) passes by would absorb the light. In other words, no reflection means obstacle has come up to absorb the light.

ir reflector

1. Sensor 1

Sensor 1 blinks Green when no bread in sight. Blinks Yellow as soon as something comes up. So I guess it is a bread detector. Of course the yellow LED can be read by another smart guy who counts and records.

sensor 1

2. Sensor 2

Sensor 2 is not blinking at all. Similar to Sensor 1 above, no reflection means bread has arrived.

Of course the bread detector detector might sophisticated enough to also measure temperature and do data recording etc, or even fancier doing something like below: If the temperature is not high enough to stick the sesames, hold on the hold on the tray for a while, blow some hot air on bread, before moving on for the rain of sesames.

This is only my wild guess. After watching the videos, I have the feeling that the auto bread system is actually very low tech, and low precision position and timing is required in the production line/belt. I would think there not even any MCU, not to mention SBC is used in the whole plant. The digital controlled oven might only need one degree temperature and one degree timing accuracy. As can be seen in the video, the oven does have data record/database, but everything is open loop, ie no feedback control. Again, only my wild guess.

sensor 2

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Part B – What are the part numbers of the sensors?

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Part C – Discussion, conclusion, and Recommendation

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Long Answer

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(1) About Ozkoseoglu Group – www.ozkoseoglu.com

(2) ÖZKÖSEOĞLU Full Automatic Bread Tunnel Oven Production Line – 2014jul14

(3) OZKOSEOGLU Steam Pipe oven – 2017dec05

(4) ÖZKÖSEOĞLU Gold Series Oven – 2017Apr11

(5) AliExpress TCRT5000L IR Reflective Infrared LED Sensor Switches – US$3

(6) AliExpress Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Photocell Proximity Switch 3-80cm Detection – US$2

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Appendix A – ÖZKÖSEOĞLU Auto Bread Oven YouTube Screen Capture

auto bread 1

auto bread 2

auto bread 3

auto bread 4

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  • 2You forgot to write an answer. – StarCat 10 hours ago
  • @StarCat, many thanks for your reminder. So I have added something. Ah, Sunday afternoon locking up tea time. See you later. Cheers. – tlfong01 10 hours ago   

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Since dough is not made of metal (Lets hope not) only a motion detector with close-proximity detection would work dependably. The mass and size of the blob of dough would be easy to pick up and feed to product counting software.

The other sensor seems more primitive and could use the reflective light to count empty dough pans or simply inform the software that pans are ready for new batches of dough. These sensors are part of a simple servo-loop that provides basic automation.

So no one has to stand there and count batches of dough, and when the batch is done and it is time to produce a new batch. The fancy computers keep track of all the metrics. They compare what is made to what is required.shareedit  follow  flag answered 9 hours agoVTNCaGNtdDVNalUy14.8k22 gold badges1919 silver badges4141 bronze badgesadd a comment


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