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How to properly use a relay module with JD-VCC from Arduino/Raspberry? Jul 3 at 6:303

Help with choice of DC motor speed control – PWM vs. Regulator Jul 17 at 5:113

High Vce(sat) of 2SD1048 Jul 22 at 5:262

How to protect GPIO from back current? Diode? Jul 10 at 5:261

Measuring back EMF induced current with multimeter 2 days ago1

Load Cell ADC HX711 Alternatives? Jul 23 at 1:371

Connecting SSR module to raspberry pi or arduino (HCMODU0115) Jul 21 at 3:421

MCP 4725 with raspberry pi May 1 ’18 at 1:130

How does this surge protection work? 2 days ago0

Frequency divider circuit of a factor of arbitrary numberJul 22 at 3:400

How to wire a Rpi, a relay, a DPDT and a PWM module to a DC motor, allowing to control its direction and speed? Jul 12 at 8:03-1

Nature of conventional current flow in a p-n junction 2 days ago

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