12V door lock

Connecting raspberry pi to 12v electric lock

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I am trying to connect a 12V AC/DC lock to my Raspberry PI 3B+ so I can control it using python3 on the raspberry pi. Does anyone know anything I can do.

Here are my parts:

Electric lock: https://www.jaycar.com.au/12v-ac-dc-door-strike-release/p/LA5078 Relay board: https://www.jaycar.com.au/arduino-compatible-5v-relay-board/p/XC4419 Raspberry Pi 3B+raspbianpythonshareedit  follow  close 2flag asked 3 hours agoAiden1111 bronze badge New contributor

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Aiden, the Pi is 3.3V, so on first glance the relay board may not work reliably. However the wiring should be straight forward, just do a search on raspberry pi gpio and relays.shareedit  follow  flag answered 2 hours agodave1111 bronze badge New contributor

  • any idea how to connect the relay board so I can control the lock with the raspberry pi? @dave – Aiden 2 hours ago 

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