Random boot at 17/18 minutes

My raspberry Pi is automatically reboot at specific minute :17/18 Minutes

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My RPI is reboot at random time. The hours is different but the minute is always :17/18. What should be the reason behind.rebootshareedit  follow  close 1flag asked 5 hours agoNeeraj Singh911 bronze badge New contributor

  • something in a cron file that runs every hour at that x:17 … like, for example, /etc/crontab runs everything in /etc/cron.hourly at 17 minutes past the hour – so, something in that folder is failing spectacularly – check the logs in /var/log – Jaromanda X 5 hours ago 
  • Do you have anything in the area that could be tripping the power e.g. electric heaters / water boiler or such? Also what happens if you change the time on the Pi? Does the reboot move or stay at the same time? – Andyroo 4 hours ago
  • 3in a console, type crontab -l and add the output to your question. – Michael Harvey 2 hours ago
  • 1Also check your dmesg output after a reboot. – Swedgin 1 hour ago
  • “the minute is always :17/18” -> How you know that might be relevant information here. – goldilocks 16 mins ago

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That is interesting. I scratched my rusty little head for 5 minutes but still could not figure out why the number 17/18 is so special to cause the trouble. BTW, I am not at all a Rpi newbie, so I think your IQ question is at or above the ninja level.


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