gps references


(1) Quectel L80-R GPS Module User Guide

(2) Quectel L80-R Hardware Design GPS Module Series Rev. L80-R_Hardware_Design_V1.2 Date: 2016

(3) Quectel L80-R Compact GPS Module Integrated with Patch Antenna – 2015

(4) Quectel L80-R Compact GPS module integrated with Patch antenna for Acquisition and tracking – DIYMall US$14

(5) Quectel GPS Module User Guide Reading Summary V0.1

(6) Quectel GPS Module User Guide Reading Summary V0.2

(7) Quectel GPS Module User Guide Reading Summary V0.3 (Python Demo Programs)

(8) SkyTraq ATK1218-BD (ATK-S1216) GPS/BD dual mode GPS module – Risym ¥98

(9) SkyTraq GPS + Beidou Two-mode positioning module – US$24

(10) SkyTraq Products – SkyTraq

(11) SkyTraq S1216 [renamed S1218-BD] Family GNSS Module Data Sheet – SkyTraq

(12) Serial Port Loopback Test Program V0.60 – tlfong01 2019apr15 Ask Question

(13) Serial LoopBack Program v0.98 -tlfong01 2020jan08

(14) Serial Port Multiple Problem

(15) Serial UART LoopBack Program v0.99 tlfong01 2020jun03hkt1510

(16) Rpi3 Old Driver Serail Cable Test Results – HL340, PL2302, CP2102 might not work)

(17) Raspberry Pi Serial (UART) Tutorial – Roland Pelayo 2018jun12

(18) NMEA 0183 – Wikipedia

(19) NMEA User Guide

(20) gpsd_json — gpsd request/response protocol

(21) gpsd(8) manual pages

(22) libgps(3) manual pages

(23) gspmon manual pages – ubuntu

(24) gpsmon forum discussion – rpi.org.forum

(25) BerryGPS Tutorial Setup Guide

(26) MakerPro Daniel Hertz Tutorial: How to Use a GPS Receiver With Rpi 4 – 2020feb03

(27) MakerPro Daniel Hertz Tutorial: How to read GPS data with Python on Rpi – Daniel Hertz, MakerPro 2020feb24

(28) How can Rpi connect a GPS module? Rpi.StackExchange Q&A – tlfong01 2019

(28) Fixing: GPS TTFF/TTSF (Time To First Fix, Time To Subsequent Fix) – Wikipedia

(29) Fixing: Weather – Can an overcast sky prevent your GPS from working? – Quora

(30) Fixing: Weather – Does heavy cloud cover affect GPS reception? – Rich Owings 2005sep10

(31) GPS vs GNSS: Understanding PNT Satellite Systems – Masterclock 2019jan14

(32) AliExpress Neo6M GPS Module Catalog

(33) TaoBao NEO-6M APM2 GPS Module ¥14

(34) The 10 Best Diy Gps Module of 2020 (Beginners Guide) Josie Schinner 2019sep09

(35) The 8 Best Arduino GPS Modules 2019 – 2019Sep

(36) python-gps sample codes, Raspberry Pi 4 + u-blox GPS module (uart)

(37) Getting GPS to work on Rpi3B – dragino.com

(38) NEO-6M GPS u-blox Datasheet and Protocol Specification – ublox 2013apr18 https://www.u-blox.com/sites/default/files/products/documents/u-blox6_ReceiverDescrProtSpec_%28GPS.G6-SW-10018%29_Public.pdf

(39) NEO-6M GPS ESP32 How to boost receiving speed – Victor, Medium 2020jan12

(40) Neo-6M GPS Arduino How to boost receiver speed – 2017apr14

(41) Neo-6/7/8 Interface Manuals

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