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Has anyone experienced this error when extracting a raspbian image?

enter image description here

I keep encountering this error. If you press skip and continue to fash your sd card and load it into the pi, causes the pi to not boot. The specific raspbian image I want is https://downloads.raspberrypi.org/raspbian/images/raspbian-2018-03-14/

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    is this error happening in a raspberry pi? looks like a problem with whatever operating system you are using, and it doesn’t look like a pi problem at all – Jaromanda X yesterday
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    @JaromandaX the error occurs when I’m extracting the iso file from the downloaded zip file on my laptop – Lyra Orwell yesterday
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    This is almost certainly a problem with whatever OS you are using. It is unclear why you are trying to install an obsolete image or even why you think you need to extract it, but it is not a Pi problem – Milliways yesterday
  • Just now I checked again, and found the first download has completed, reporting 1.7GB. The second download is still going on. Cheers. – tlfong01 yesterday   
  • The second 1.7GB download is also completed. I unzipped it to about 4.8GB. Now I am using Win32DiskImger V1.0 to write the 4.8GB to a Toshiba 16GB, Win32DiskImg says 14MB/s and the job to finish in about 5.25 minutes. Ah supper time. Report later. – tlfong01 yesterday   
  • Just before I go, SHA256 hash flash SD job completed, taking 5.26 minutes. Good luck, cheers. – tlfong01 yesterday    
  • You need to clarify the context here in concrete and specific terms. Ie., not, “I’m extracting an image on my laptop” but exactly how, in as much detail as you can think of: The OS, the tool, the methodology, any online instructions you are following, etc. – goldilocks yesterday
  • @goldilocks I right click the zip file to open the menu for it. I click “Extract Here”. The error occurs during the extraction process. – Lyra Orwell yesterday
  • Okay, what is the name of the operating systemEdit the information into the question please. BTW, the window in your screenshot looks like it referring to an .img file, not a .zip file. You can’t unzip an .img because it isn’t zipped… Ignore that if I’m misinterpreting the window 😉 – goldilocks yesterday
  • so, nothing to do with raspberry pi except the zip file is from raspberry pi – pretty much off topic – Jaromanda X yesterday
  • @Lyra Orwell, this might help: “Win10 Error 0x80004005: How to fix it for good – Matthew Adams 2020may07”: windowsreport.com/unspecified-error-windows-10. Cheers. – tlfong01 23 hours ago   

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