Month: June 2020

relay notes

how to connect the solenoid valve and pump using a relay Ask QuestionAsked todayActive todayViewed 17 times0 I’m making a vertical farm with two pots for automatic watering. so I used two solenoid valves for […]

Neo-6M notes

How can Rpi change Neo-6M GPS update rates? Ask Question Asked 9 days ago Active today Viewed 137 times 0 Hi i’m tryng to change the update rate of my gps tracker(neo 6m ublok) i […]

JDVcc Relay

How can Rpi python control a 5V relay module, opto-isolated, with a JDVcc jumper? Ask Question Asked 18 days ago Active 13 days ago Viewed 85 times 1 Just starting to explore python, Raspberry and […]

BeCode notes

their learners to fail (and thus learn), and build self confidence.     Developer to help people become junior developers (Brussels) BeCode VZW – Bruxelles, Belgium €27k – 46k  Easy apply Save OverviewCompanyDeveloper […]

gps references

References (1) Quectel L80-R GPS Module User Guide (2) Quectel L80-R Hardware Design GPS Module Series Rev. L80-R_Hardware_Design_V1.2 Date: 2016 (3) Quectel L80-R Compact GPS Module Integrated with Patch Antenna – 2015 (4) Quectel L80-R Compact […]