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I ordered a cheap 2.8 inch ILI9341 screen from Amazon (https://www.amazon.co.uk/240×320-Screen-Serial-Module-ILI9341/dp/B07MXH92RL/ref=sr_1_12?dchild=1&keywords=spi+screen&qid=1589230039&sr=8-12) in the hopes of using it in a custom handheld Retropie console. However, I have attempted many different methods, none of which seem to work. I have reason to believe that the screen is not faulty as, when I give power to the backlight, it lights up, so I think that this is a software issue. Does anybody know how I can configure it to work? Many thanks, Dominic.

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  • Perhaps search this forum for “ili9341 tlfong01”. – tlfong01 yesterday
  • I read the product datasheet and found that it has no touch screen option. So it should be easier to use: Ref (1) “Amazon Ftvogue ILI9341 2.8″ 240×320 SPI TFT LCD Screen (5110 interface, with SD Card socket, no touch screen)”: amazon.co.uk/240×320-Screen-Serial-Module-ILI9341/dp/B07MXH92RL/…. Good Luck. Cheers. – tlfong01 yesterday
  • Your screen is [Nokia 5110] compatible TFT LCD screen. So you might find the following driver worth a try: (1) “5110 and TFT LCD video tutorial – ElecFreaks”: elecfreaks.com/store/blog/post/…, (2) “YouTube 5110 LCD and TFT LCD (TFT01-1.8SP and 2.2SP)”: youtube.com/watch?v=N7HGZuwRrp4&feature=youtu.be. Good Luck. Cheers. – tlfong01 yesterday
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    Thank you for your input! I searched “ili9341 tlfong01” and went to the link you shared (pi0cket.com/ili9341-raspberry-pi-guide). This was the most luck that I have had so far; for the most part, it looks as though the terminal is processing it correctly. However, there is still nothing being displayed on the screen. Instead I get this error message: “-bash: nbsp: command not found”. This confuses me as, when I type in “confbmap 1 1”, it outputs: “[1]+ Done sudo modprobe fbtft_device custom name=fb_ili9341”. Many thanks, Dominic. – Dominic McGreevy 23 hours ago
  • Ah, I think you have the character encoding problem. See the following Q&A for more details: (1) “What is this character (Â) and how do I remove it with PHP? – Asked 8 years ago, Viewed 36k times”: stackoverflow.com/questions/7186550/… – tlfong01 20 hours ago
  • Don’t worry if you don’t understand what those web page guys are talking about. What you need to know is to get rid of the funny characters in the following string of your long bash command: “custom name=fb_ili934 ”. You might like to ask/google around what is the meaning of the string “ ” I forgot if “ ” means blank/space or similar. If you are too lazy to google, you might just try and error as “ili9341” followed by a space and semicolon or command. Good luck and cheers. – tlfong01 20 hours ago
  • I googled again: “A common character entity used in HTML is the non-breaking space:  ”: w3schools.com/html/html_entities.asp. Cheers. PS – Now I remember those funny characters which I did use ages ago, when I was learning HTML! – tlfong01 19 hours ago
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    Once again, thank you very much! I am no longer just seeing a white backlight and I’m seeing a black screen with the backlight on. Finally some progress! I still don’t understand why it isn’t outputting the Retropie UI. Many thanks, Dominic. – Dominic McGreevy 10 hours ago
  • Congratulations! So you are making some progress. I have no idea of your black screen problem, properly wrong driver. I forgot if you need to compile the driver. Have you done that! Perhaps I can read the pi0cket article more carefully and see anything wrong. Keep trying. Cheers. – tlfong01 8 hours ago
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    Hi again! I don’t think that this is a driver issue as it is filling the screen with black, meaning that it is doing something. I just don’t know how to fix it. It’s really strange because it’s not an uncommon thing to use an ILI9341 screen with a Raspberry Pi, yet I seem to be running into all sorts of issues which nobody else is. – Dominic McGreevy 2 hours ago
  • I didn’t catch you. Are you saying that Rpi ILI9341 is a piece of cake, but you can’t fix it. If you don’t find any guy showing off their working thing, that means all others are weeping in the dark. Perhaps I should resume my long stalled LCD project: raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/104600/…. Cheers. – tlfong01 1 hour ago


The OP has the following LCD:

Amazon Ftvogue ILI9341 2.8″ 240×320 SPI TFT LCD Screen (5110 interface, with SD Card socket, no touch screen)

ili9341 LCD

He is following the following guide to setup the LCD:

ili9341 Raspberry Pi guide – Pi0ket 2019feb26

He gets a white screen, and now a black screen. What is going on? How to fix it?

/ to continue, …


/ to continue, …


The OP’s LCD uses the Nokia 5110 interface. So I google that to refresh my memory.

5110 interface

And I checked out the OP’s LCD to make sure if the pin outs match. It appears that the OP’s LCD 14 pin connector has the 5110’s 8 pin subset. The 14 pin has reserved 6 pin to touch panel, but is not uses. Everything looks good so far.


/ to continue, …


(1) Amazon Ftvogue ILI9341 2.8″ 240×320 SPI TFT LCD Screen (5110 interface, with SD Card socket, no touch screen)

(2) ili9341 Raspberry Pi guide – Pi0ket 2019feb26

(3) Artillery SPI TFT XPT2046 3.2 inch LCD touch screen monitor Module for Raspberry Pi3B/B+

(4) TSC2046 XPT2046 TOUCH SCREEN ILI9341 2,008 views 2017oct01

(5) LCD TFT screen 2.8″ ILI9341 SPI connect (How to build kernel/driver)

(6) How to create a simple LCD Touchscreen GUI Arduino, AdaFruit Library, ILI9341 240×320 – GreatScot 2018apr19 422k views, 12k Thumbs up 2018aug19

(7) ILI9341 Touch LCD SPI Based Driver for Rpi3B+ stretch – juj 2019apr19

(8) Rpi ILI9341 / XPT2046 SPI 3.2″ Touch LCD Display – LCwiki

(8) How to install LCD driver

/ to continue, …


Appendix A – SPI Setup


Appendix B – LCD Pin out


Appendix C – Back Lit Test


/ to continue, …

End of Answer

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