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How to use your DSLR or mirrorless camera as a webcam

6mm Wide Angle Lens for Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Raspberry Pi Foundation (No reviews yet) Write a Review $25.00


New: Raspberry Pi 12MP camera with interchangeable lenses for $50
By PR ADMIN | Published: APRIL 30, 2020

New: Raspberry Pi 12MP camera with interchangeable lenses for $50

Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera Module


New low-cost imager for raspberry pi
Started by glancey , Yesterday, 08:13 PM

Raspberry Pi Announces The $50 High Quality Camera

Raspberry Pi 12-megapixel Camera Revealed
Moe Long
By Moe Long / News / 30th April 2020
Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera
A $50 DIY camera with interchangeable lenses
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Raspberry Pi

Daily update ⋅ May 2, 2020

How to Change Your Raspberry Pi’s Hostname

Out of the box, every Raspberry Pi is listed as ‘raspberrypi.’ Change the Raspberry Pi hostname to rename your device. Shares. Comments (0).
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Raspberry Pi announces high-powered camera board

Raspberry Pi devices will soon be able to benefit from boosted camera capabilities following a new release from the company. The new High Quality …
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Old Laptop Gets New Lease On Life With Raspberry Pi

It seems not a day goes by that we don’t see somebody cramming a Raspberry Pi into some unwilling piece of consumer electronics. But despite …
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Raspberry Pi AR Light Switch Uses a Smartphone App

Press a virtual button that appears to be in your living room and the Pi will turn the lights on or off. Shares. Comments (0). (Image credit: Toernblom).
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RetroPie 4.6 released with support for Raspberry Pi 4

RetroPie allows users to turn their single board computer into a retro-gaming machine – with the software supporting most SBCs except Raspberry Pi …
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IBM Engineer Builds $300 Microscope Using LEGO, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi

IBM Engineer Builds $300 Microscope Using LEGO, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi. The microscope, which you can DIY also, works so well that he’s been …
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With PoE: New Raspberry Pi alternative also supports TPM 2.0, RS-232 DB9 and RS-485

A new alternative to the Raspberry Pi is now available. The Banana Pi BPI-F2P also allows the connection of external devices, but it has a different …
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YouTuber Builds a Cool DIY Raspberry Pi 3 Smart Doorbell With Camera

This video comes with a smart suggestion for your doorstep: the YouTuber Hacker Shack shows you how to use a Raspberry Pi 3, or a Raspberry Pi 4, …
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Hashtag Trending – Meet for free; Raspberry Pi’s new camera; Intel’s new processors

Google makes Meet video conferencing app free for everyone, Raspberry Pi gets a new high-definition camera attachment, Intel’s new consumer …
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Isolation Is the Key to Reliable Pi Usage

Fig. 2 is the pinout of the 40-pin IDE-style connector provided for I/O on the Pi. At this point, the Raspberry Pi’s documentation can confuse you: there are …
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IBM Engineer Builds $300 Microscope Using LEGOs, Arduino, and Raspberry Pie

The Raspberry Pi computer and the 8Mp camera enables the user to capture images and video footage. The Arduino uses a high-power LED to …
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Pisugar2 Pro Raspberry Pi battery pack

A new Raspberry Pi battery pack has been made available via Tindie, providing a stand-alone power supply module designed for use with the …
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New book: The Official Raspberry Pi Camera Guide

Connecting a High Quality Camera turns your Raspberry Pi into a powerful digital camera. This 132-page book tells you everything you need to know to …
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Most Read articles – Turing Pi, HiSilicon, Huawei and ST tie-up

What are the topics covered? There’s Imec’s way of processing radar signals, a ‘HET’ electric motor on Kickstarter, the Turing Pi cluster board, Huawei …
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12.3 megapixel RPi camera for 50 $

At that time it was only the third product in the RaspberryPi catalogue — together with the original Raspberry Pi 1 and the official WiFi dongle — to be …
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HTC’s Cryptocurrency Mining Phone Takes Half a Millennium to Pay for Itself

While the specs on the device are decidedly modest, it made a serious … According to the Monero benchmark database, a Raspberry Pi 4 — that’s a …
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Using An FPGA To Glitch The Olimex LPC-P1343

… jitters (a Raspberry Pi might have side effects from OS scheduling and other … A separate logic analyzer observes the effects on real hardware.
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Day: May 1, 2020

What is missing from their articles on the issue is their reasoning to conclude that no … Which makes this very clean Raspberry Pi laptop conversion by …
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Introducing Elektor Community Insights

The top three technologies that Elektor members focus on at work are … the most, we learned about their preferences: #1 Raspberry Pi, #2 Arduino, …
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IoT news of the week for May 1, 2020

The latest is a $199.99 Machine Vision AI Developer Kit that looks like a Raspberry Pi. You’ll have to add your own camera, but from a software …
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The best Skype alternatives for video calls on your smartphone

Read on to find out what their respective pros and cons are. … manner with a Raspberry Pi working alongside a basic Internet connection as actual …
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Scots students create one man ceilidh band to get people dancing during lockdown

Cameron explained that the system, which is run using a Raspberry Pi, allows an accordion player to put on a full ceilidh solo by synthesizing backing …
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Research microscopes cost thousands of dollars. This man built one with Legos

Other tech components include a Raspberry Pi camera for the imaging unit, while software Temiz coded himself gives it image processing and …
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The Morning After: USB 4 is ready for 8K monitors

On high-res displays, DisplayPort 2.0 works over USB by remapping the … The latest upgrade for your Raspberry Pi is an interchangeable lens …
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TiVo Stream 4K Delayed, Misses April Launch

… months, TiVo indicated the Stream 4K was on track and “coming very soon” on April 16th. … This could be a computer, a Raspberry Pi, a NAS, etc.
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Das neue Retropie läuft auf dem Raspberry Pi 4

Mit der Software können Nutzer ihren Raspberry Pi in eine Retrokonsole verwandeln. Sie baut auf Raspbian auf, ist aber mit Ubuntu kompatibel.
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How to use your DSLR or mirrorless camera as a webcam

Raspberry Pi announces $50 12-megapixel camera with interchangeable lenses. Published. 1 day ago. on. April 30, 2020. By.
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No Vantage Point

I can hear cars on the streets below and the faint cries of revellers. … Inside the box are a Raspberry Pi computer, a PiSound sound interface and …
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Labor Of Love: Dad Builds ‘500-In-1’ Classic Video Game Arcade For Son During Lockdown

Addison reportedly made the console by using an old Atari computer, a used Raspberry Pi computer he bought from eBay, some arcade buttons and …
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my Baby Mac Pro needs some parenting love

I’m pretty sure you can put a Raspberry Pi in there and get the server OS and make is a NAS. Like. Reactions: unpapapro. Comment. You must log in …
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Dad builds the classic video game & # 39; 500 in 1 & # 39; for the son during blocking

… manufactured the console using an old Atari computer, a used Raspberry Pi computer that he bought on eBay, some arcade buttons, and wood.
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New Jersey Golf Courses and State Parks to Reopen on Saturday

New Jersey Golf Courses and State Parks to Reopen on Saturday. Henrietta … Raspberry Pi camera module gets interchangeable lens support.
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Bachelor star Hannah Ann Sluss steps out with National Football League quarterback Mason …

A witness who saw the casually dressed pair on the 29th – Hannah Ann wore pink … Raspberry Pi camera module gets interchangeable lens support.
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Four children dead, one missing as Amish buggy swept away by water

Helicopters were called in to assist in the search, while people on the ground … Raspberry Pi camera module gets interchangeable lens support.
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The Last of Us Part II Gets a June Release Date

After years of waiting, we’re finally going to get our hands on The Last of Us Part II. … Raspberry Pi camera module gets interchangeable lens support.
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4 Quick Ways to Set Up VPN Server at Home

Read below to go through a brief guide on how to set up VPN server at … smoothly but if you are using Raspberry Pi, you may face some difficulties.
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Man Utd chief Woodward: Premier League return down to the government

… are dying somewhere in the world, I don’t know if that would sit right on my … Raspberry Pi camera module gets interchangeable lens support.
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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

With on-board WiFi / Bluetooth support and an 64bit improved Processor, Raspberry Pi v3 will be an exciting board for Makers, Engineers and Students.
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Not one but two complete, working, & useful Raspberry Pi projects!

Not one but two complete, working, & useful Raspberry Pi projects! I have several RasPis lying around the place. I sold my π2 when I got a π3, …
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Its Amazing!! #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi #Gaming #Emulator

Adafruit has the largest and best selection of Raspberry Pi accessories and all the code & tutorials to get you up and running in no time!
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6mm Wide Angle Lens for Raspberry Pi HQ Camera

American Raspberry Pi Shop. One stop shop for all your Pi needs. Raspberry Pi add-ons, HATs, accessories, Starter Kit, Media Center kit, RetroPi …
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Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Australia

This new camera accessory from Raspberry Pi offers higher resolution 12 megapixels, compared to 8 megapixels, and sensitivity (approximately 50% …
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How to install Opera on Raspberry Pi

Get the latest version of Opera for on Raspberry Pi – Fast, secure, easy-to-use browser.
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Raspberry pi 4 everything you need to know

Raspberry Pi 4 can do an incredible amount. Amateur hobbyists use Pi cards as multimedia hubs, file servers, legacy game consoles,
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New: Raspberry Pi 12MP camera with interchangeable lenses for $50

Raspberry Pi announced a new 12MP camera module (using Sony’s 12.3-MP IMX 477 sensor) with interchangeable lenses for $50 with a range of …
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Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi – port forwardless secure remote access with no attack surface. remote.it virtual private internet (VPI) is a secure communication and …
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Installing geth on Raspberry Pi 3 Ubuntu

I found the solution. Two things: I had installed an Ubuntu ARM64 OS so the geth version had to be changed from ARM7 to ARM64. Run geth using …
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How to connect a Raspberry Pi to a serial USB port with Python from the terminal

Use these open source tools and simple commands to easily interface with other devices from your Raspberry Pi.
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How to Access the Raspberry Pi Camera from the Losant Edge Agent

This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for how to access the Raspberry Pi camera from the Losant Edge Agent. Learn more.
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How to code with Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi itself is essentially a credit card-sized circuit board with essential components attached, but it is this simplicity that allows it to be used …
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Raspberry Pi’s 12bit 4K $50 camera module hints at future where we build and design our own …

The sensor is smaller than Super 16mm and there’s not yet a RAW output or processing capability, but the Raspberry Pi camera module marks an …
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raspberry pi configuration problem

Hey everypne,. I just bought a raspberry pi and am SUPER excited to learn more about Matlab and Simulink through working wthe the pi. I …
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The Official Raspberry Pi Camera Guide

One of the most popular add-ons for the Raspberry Pi, the official Camera Module – or the new High Quality Camera – turns your favourite …
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Tips & Tricks (FAQ) to the official 7″ Raspberry Pi Touchscreen

Overview 7″ Raspberry Pi Touchscreen FAQ. Rotating the display; Activating right click; Switching backlight on/off; Turning off screensaver; Installing …
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Raspberry Pi on Twitter: “Our new Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera alongside the Raspberry Pi 4 …

… alongside the Raspberry Pi 4. Photo courtesy of the new Official Raspberry Pi Camera Guide, available from the Raspberry Pi Press online store: …
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Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera Module

Scope of delivery. 1x Circuit board carrying a Sony IMX477 sensor; 1x FPC cable for connection to a Raspberry Pi; 1x Milled aluminium lens mount with …
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Raspberry Pi 4 Facial Recognition

The Raspberry Pi 4 is a great upgrade from the previous Rpi 3. It even performs (surprisingly well) object and facial recognition with the Tensorflow …
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RPi Cameras

… Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Apple Safari to display all web content correctly. Home · Platforms · Raspberry Pi. RPi Cameras.
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Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera — 12 MP Sensor and Interchangeable Lenses

Les Pounder, writing for Tom’s Hardware: The Raspberry Pi Camera Module is one of those add ons that we love to play with. Creating images and …
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Raspberry pi 12 mega pixel mount

The Fujifilm X-T200 is a low-priced mirrorless camera with a stunning 3.5″ display, easy-to-use touch interface, oversampled 4K video and the classic …
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Lightweight Kubernetes on Raspberry Pi

Here are the steps to create the cluster: Set up the microSD card and install Raspbian Lite Image; Configure SSH and WiFi; Configure the Raspberry Pi …
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16mm Telephoto Lens for Raspberry Pi HQ Camera

Telephoto Lens (16mm) for Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Australia. This Telephoto Lens from Raspberry Pi is designed for use with the Raspbery Pi HQ …
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Working on Raspberry pi 3 Model B Follow… – Easytronic and Robotic.

Working on Raspberry pi 3 Model B Follow @easytronic3795 for more related project FOLLOW @easytronic_snapshot @easytronic_official …
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New low-cost imager for raspberry pi

I just came across this inexpensive Sony IMX447camera for raspberry pi. The pixels are small but for someone looking for a low-cost entry to EAA for …
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Raspberry Pi Announces The $50 High Quality Camera

If you look at the original press release of the Raspberry Pi 3B+, they said “Faster Ethernet” in bold, further explained as “Gigabit Ethernet over USB 2.0” …
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Spring Subscription Offer

Book of Making Vol. 2 Raspberry Pi Projects Vol.5 BYO First Person Shooter in Unity Get started with Arduino Retro Gaming with Raspberry Pi To s.
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Raspberry Pi Launches $50 12.3MP Camera Module With Support For Mount Lenses

The Raspberry Pi foundation has announced a new camera, available for use with its inexpensive computer kits. It’s called the High Quality Camera …
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Raspberry PI and U-Boot

raspberrypi u-boot buildroot. I wish you a good day. I’m trying U-Boot on RPi and in short – I’m stuck that when I put any dtoverlay in config.txt, after …
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Raspberry Pi Releases an Interchangeable-lens Camera Module

https://www.engadget.com/raspberrypi-12-megapixel-c-mount-camera-084145607.html It uses IMX477, a BSI & stacked 1/2.3 12MP sensor.
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RetroPie 4.6 Brings Raspberry Pi 4 Support

The Raspberry Pi is a powerful, capable single-board computer. Able to tackle a wide-range of maker projects, the SBC remains one of the best …
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Raspberry Pi 12-megapixel Camera Revealed

Raspberry Pi has debuted a new high-quality camera module with 12-megapixels and interchangeable lenses, all for $50!
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Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera

12.3 megapixel Sony IMX477 sensor, 7.9mm diagonal image size, and back-illuminated sensor architecture, with adjustable back focus and support …
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RetroPie on the Pi 4: Official Raspberry Pi 4 Support Added

RetroPie now officially supports the Raspberry Pi 4! The much-improved CPU, GPU, and RAM capabilities of the Raspberry Pi 4 opens up a lot of …
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Raspberry Pi Zero W — should I avoid female gpio headers?

I’ve had luck with the Pimoroni Hammer Headers / Jig and the Pi Zero. I have new project, but I don’t want to buy another Jig just to get a new male …
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Raspberry Pi 4 Bumper with Fan

This is a freshly designed fully parametric Raspberry Pi case with fan support. Inpired by the many other bumper and exo cases out there – but this on.
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