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My first IoT Project


I read Raspberry Pi Magazine 2020May Issue 93 about an interesting ioT Project.


Rosie Internet of Things Brick (RIoT)) Project


Alan Peaty, the author of the MagPi article says the following:

“Long-distance running and a love of intrepid devices led one creator to embark on a project demonstrating that ‘true geekery and nature can co-exist’.”

“Building intrepid devices I can take along with me outdoors is the perfect way for me to combine my interests in one fell swoop”

“During the event itself, there were several onlookers understandably baffled by the strange bright device attached to the side of my backpack,” says Alan. “A small number were even brave enough to ask! The reaction on Twitter has also been great, and I was able to raise a few pounds for Alzh eimer’s Research UK as well.” –

The article describes how to assemble the RIoT Brick.


“The box houses a nRF24L01+ transceiver and u-blox NEO-6 GPS receiver, along with BME280 temperature/pressure/humidity and BH1750 light sensors, RpiZero is sufficiently powerful to run multiple applications concurrently,”

“The abundance of community-developed opensource libraries available for the modules and sensors he planned to connect to it was another big draw. He made use of an SQLite database and Python SDK Amazon Web Services. “IoT Core, IoT Events, DynamoDB, S3, … are used to collect, process, and present this information back to my supposedly interested family members”.

The project seems a bit complicated.  I think I need to east the big elephants bite by bite. Below is my blog post on the first bite – nRF24L01 2.4GHz transceiver.




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