Gpio.Zero L298N problem

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this is in mu

from gpiozero import Robot

robby = Robot(left=(7,8), right=(9,10))

this is in the Raspberry Pi terminal

python robby.forward()
# Then it says ‘robby’ is to defined, I don’t know why it says that. I defined ‘robby’ in the mu command. The motors and motor board are clearly working, just not the code.

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(1) The “Buid a buggy” instructions is not clear.

I got the same error as the OP.

What the OP can do is the “Yellow Block” below.


(2) I looked at the instructions again and found that perhaps they are for Rpi3B+ IDLE python 3.5.3. I vaguely remember that for IDLE 3.5.3, the IDE is divided into two separate windows, left window is text terminal output, right window is for IDLE editing/compile/run.

What confuses the OP further is that the Mu editor saves python script files by default in the directory home/MuCode/, but IDLE would save files in another default directory.

idle python

/ to continue, …


(1) Build a robot buggy, Basic Instructions – Projects.RaspberryPi.Org

(2) Build a robot buggy, Assemble and Make a Lipo Power Bank

(3) Robby to go in a square, a circle, and zigzag

(4) GpioZero 1.5.1 Section 16.1.15. Robot classgpiozero.Robot()


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