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Current from each GPIO?
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I have connected all 45 GPIO’s of my raspberry compute module to buffer IC’s to output data

According to the datasheet:

Each GPIO can supply up to 16mA, aggregate current per bank must not exceed 50mA

How do I calculate the output current right now?

gpio current
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How do we know? What do the buffer IC’s need in the way of current? This does not appear to have any real relevance to the Pi. – joan 19 mins ago
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Hi @punyanagari, Welcome and nice to meet you. Now let me see. (1) Your question is how to calculate the output current. Since you are using 45 GPIOs, let us make things simple and assume each of the 45 GPIO with buffers has a 5V DC lamp, and that each lamp needs 1A for full brightness. (2) Now let us consider lamp by lamp. Suppose we use a digital multi-meter to measure the lamp resistance and find it 2.5 Ohm. Now Mr Ohm, if I remember correctly, a German guy, says the voltage or potential difference across the lamp is V = I x R = 1A x 2.5 O
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