mfrc522 discussion notes

@627117717.pr I read the reviews of the Mario Gomez’s library and confirmed that (1) The software in general is out of date, and need to be modified, (2) SPI-py required, (3) Some modules do not have pullup at Reset and Interrupt pin, and therefore might need external ones. (4) MOSI and MISO wired should be “direct feed through connect”, NOT “crossing over”.

Errata and Appolgy – Earlier I wrongly warned that the MOSI and MSIO wires should be crossing over, which is normally used in other SPI/UART devices. Unfortunately I can NO LONGER edit/correct the old chat record. So be warned that a couple of other things I mentioned in this chat room are simply wrong, if not just misleading. As a remedy, I am trying my best to update my “interactive” and “live” answer and penzu reading/experimenting log.
2 hours later…
6:32 AM

I found Mario Gomez seems using modified version of SpiDev and GPIO, hiding in special usr/local directories. These software seem not the same as the buster built in versions. So I am looking for other libraries which should be easier to use. Now I am looking at these: (1) ondryaso/pi-rc522 Rpi python library for SPI RFID RC522 module (Add support for interrupt driven tag detection) Latest commit
da9928a on Sep 12, 2019

(2) Ondryaso rc-522 library listing

(see full text)

The Ondryaso library has other goodies, including (1) Using Rpi Interrupt (for my 5 reader board, saving time looping for a card to detect), (2) Explanation of blocks and also a block number calculation utility. Now I am starting to try them. Cheers.
3 hours later…
9:07 AM

ok great sounds good

kind of new to all of this so not the best at explaining things
5 hours later…
2:16 PM

@627117717.pr Yes, I now think that this NFC/RFID subject much more complicated that I thought. As I said, I am just scratching the surface. Many things I mentioned in this chat room and also in my tentative answers, especially the appendices are misleading or plain wrong. It is fortunate that I can edit my answers to correct the mistakes I made.

I need much more time, perhaps a week or so, to study harder the Mario Gomez, Gus PiMyLifeUp SimpleMFRC, and Ondryaso libraries, before I can make up my mind to stall my project, or go another direction. In the mean time I don’t recommend you to do anything, except sit back and watch me messing around. Ah, bed time, see you later. Cheers.

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ok mate no worries as i have a deadline soon may have to explore new routes on this

but i really apprieate all your work and 100% have learnt more with your help
9:59 AM
@627117717.pr Ah, sorry to hear that you might be missing your deadline. On the other hand, I did have a pleasant surprise that, as a newbie in Rpi, and python, you are learning fast, in this a bit over ambitious project. As I said, I am a slow guys, still going slowly. I think there is 50% chance that I would digest Mario Gomez’s difficult to understand code, and rewrite my own newbie friendly version.
So you might come back perhaps 3 months from now to see if I have written a newbie friendly version for future visitors. Best wishes to your new projects. Cheers.

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