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Trying to read my RFID MFRC522 using a Mifare blue tag and it is not working. Wondering if i could get any help on this as when i put the tag to read it doesn’t show up as quick?




Python coding based on the websites I've used in order to try to get my tag to read

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  • I tried libnfc1.1.7 the other day and found it OK. I followed the instructions, setup in 15 minutes, and read a tag successfully. (1) “Problem with detecting badge with PN532 and Raspberry Pi“: stackoverflow.com/questions/60819793/… Perhaps you can try libnfc and let me know if you have any problems. I might also try the PiMyLifeUp and compared with your installation record. – tlfong01 20 hours ago
  • By the way, you gave two tutorial references. The first one is OK. I think I would try that later. But the second tutorial seems a bit out of date, because it uses python 2.7. I worry that the drivers might not be compatible to your hardware/software configuration. Can you let us know your Rpi and OS version? – tlfong01 19 hours ago
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    Hi mate my RPI is 3 and the os is rasbpian noobs using linux – 627117717.pr 19 hours ago
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    Still not working unfortunately not sure why it is not working in the first place when i have followed each step and the modules all turn on and work! – 627117717.pr 19 hours ago
  • I didn’t catch you. Did you mean that an hour ago when you asked your question, you had no luck. Both tutorials didn’t work. But in this hour you tried your luck again and every step now work smoothly, and so NOW YOU CAN READ the tag? Can you please confirm which one of the two tutorials works, or both work. It would be nice if you can very briefly answer your question here, so that other newbies would be grateful to know how to setup the RFID reader? If every step work, but still cannot read the tag, I can repeat your steps and see why you still cannot read the tag. Cheers. – tlfong01 19 hours ago
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    SO did each step by step the link you said i should try still NO LUCK still can not read or write the tags – 627117717.pr 18 hours ago
  • Thank you for your clarification. So perhaps I can try your first tutorial. If no luck, then I can try the second tutorial. Wish me luck. Cheers. – tlfong01 18 hours ago
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    Ok that sounds good if your ok with that and if the tutorials work for you then must be something software or maybe hardware that is going wrong on my side! – 627117717.pr 17 hours ago
  • Well, I just finished reading the tutorial by Gus of PiMyLifeup, also skimmed the 70+ comments. I understand 90% what is going on, except the SPI library which seems not exactly the same library I am using. This might be one thing I might get stuck. Anyway, I am now starting to follow the tutorial, not step by step, but skipping steps and using not exactly the same tools. Eg, I will use Rpi4B buster Thonny IDE to edit and run the programs. (One reader commented using IDLE python 3, but IDLE is not longer available), / to continue, … – tlfong01 17 hours ago
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    Thats fine i was using the Terminal to do everything in and the code coming from the pi up my life website just to see if it worked or not and as of yet still not working – 627117717.pr 15 hours ago
  • No problem. I can also use CLI bash, pip, nano etc for the preliminary setsup, and perhaps more GUI later. I am getting started with the PN532 module which I tested OK with I2C some time ago. Now I am switching from LibNfc library to PyMyLifeUp library. – tlfong01 40 mins ago
  • Yesterday evening I already used “pip3” to install “mfrc522”. As I said earlier, I don’t know nothing about SPI-Py, so I did not use the newbie scary “git-clone” and “python setup” to install the SPI-Py module. I noticed that what you built is a python 2.7 SPI-Py module. But I started learning python already with Rpi IDLE python 3.5.3. So I am not going back to the old python 2.7. Just now I checked out that pip3 seems happy with pip3 installed GPIO, SpiDev, and mfrc522 requirements. So I am hopping that I don’t need SPI-Py and go straight to python programming. – tlfong01 3 mins ago   Edit


1. The PN532 module to be tested

Reference: nfclib v1.1.7 PN532 NFC Module Testing

pn532 1

2. Mfrc522 module setup record

mfrc install


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