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I am using the PN532 NFC Board. It’s connected via I2C to my Raspberry Pi.

I am looking for a library/Script which gives me any Sector of a Mifare Classic NFC card. I only can find the normal Tutorials, but these are only giving me the User ID and not the data of different Sectors. Like this tutorial: https://blog.stigok.com/2017/10/12/setting-up-a-pn532-nfc-module-on-a-raspberry-pi-using-i2c.html

I would appreciate if someone got any script to read out the Sectors of the Mifare Classic NFC Card with the PN532 connected with I2C!

Many thanks in advance

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Found a Library which is working for me. With this Library I can authenticate with the right key and read out the Sectors/Blocks I want to read.


It is working totally fine with a Raspberry Pi.

Just clone the repo and install all necessary requirements. Easiest way to do this is just install with the requierements.txt

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Then use the examples to create your own python script.

Offtopic: But now I am fucked because the guys at work want me to do the same things, which I did on a Raspi, on a Banana Pi M4. There’s a Raspbian Linux Image but yeah.. Nothing is supported there and nothing works.. I hate my life.

Nevertheless thanks for helping and supporting guys


The Clssic 1/2/4K card storage is a hierarchy of fixed number of blocks of sectors of bytes each of which might be of type index, key, or data.

So it is like HDD’s FAT/exFAT/NTFS format.

And like the HDD, data stored, say logical files, may be scattered in different physical sectors, sequential or indexed/hashed, and might be encrypted.

So I guess it is very difficult to read what is stored in a say, train fare card, unless you know all the detailed data declaration/encryption rules.

You might like to google to know more:

(1) How to configure MIFARE card memory layout – Holly Colbert 2006

(2) Logical Structure of the MIFARE Classic Tags, Section 3, Dismantling MIFARE Classic, FD Garcia etal, 2008.

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