GPIO Zero reading notes

GpioZero Library/BoilerPlate/API Doc 1.5.1 – B Nuttall

classes, not functions
Control GPIO over USB, remote GPIO, mock GPIO, prototyping without hardware

Eg HC-SR04 Distance Sensor

Comparing and GPIO and GPIO Zero

pros using button as example, front end wrapper, simplifier setup, initialization

cons – no pull up setting

Migrating from GPIO
Installing GPIO Zero

GPIO Zero is here – Posted by Ben Nuttall Raspberry Pi Community Manager Creator of GPIO Zero 13th Feb 2019 at 10:16 am2019

GPIO Zero v1.5 is here!

boilerplate, pin factories,

Boilerplate code From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

GPIO Zero provides classes which represent devices, so instead of having a pin number and telling it to go high, you have an LED and you tell it to turn on, and instead of having a pin number and asking if it’s high or low, you have a button and ask if it’s pressed. There is also no boilerplate code to get started — you just import the parts you need.

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