Raspberry pi with EC4-2000-CO sensor

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How is Raspberry pi 4 connected with EC4-2000-CO sensor? Can someone please let me know about the hardware and software setup of the same?

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(1) “EC4-2000-CO Carbon Monoxide Electrochemical Sensor – SGX SensorTech”:

(2) “Electrochemical Sensors Application Note 2 Design of Electronics for Electrochemical Gas Sensors – SGX SensorTech”:

(3) “Dual Electrochemical Gas Sensor with Temperature Compensation”:

(4) “How can Rpi4B python read negative result values of the SPI ADS1256 24 bit ADC?”:
(5) How Can Rpi3B+ Detect MQ9 Gas Sensor’s Carbon Monoxide Leakage, Without Using ADC?



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