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First I must say I have next to 0 experience in this field so any help, paper, documentation, book or manual is well received. I need to send data between a raspberry pi using a certain RF modulation and then decoding it in an arduino, but I dont have a clue where to start, any help? (Need info on protocols, wireless modules, or any information I might need really)

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    certain RF modulation … that means specific RF modulation ….. why did you not say which RF modulation you are talking about? – jsotola 3 hours ago
  • Hello @andromeda1912, Welcome and nice to meet you. Ah, let me see. First of all, I like your question very much, because it is sort of brainstorming for innovative, IoT projects starting up, ideas on a broad area, yet narrowing down to RF, Rpi, Arduino. Usually I would suggest to zoom out to the “forest”, then in to “trees”, then in to the wood: “RF, Rpi, Arduino”. I would suggest that we get started by reading a future proof, wide angle view white paper, . to continue, … – tlfong01 1 hour ago   
  • Actually there are too many good white papers out there, so I usually first wiki and google, search keywords like “RF”, “MCU”, and the names of the big guys. My short list include the following, which I think should be a good read: “Connect Your MCU – Øivind Loe, Senior Product Manager – MCU and Sensors, Silicon Labs, 2020feb”: silabs.com/whitepapers/connect-your-mcu. Happy reading, Cheers. – tlfong01 1 hour ago    



How can Rpi talk to Arduino in RF?

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For poor IoT hobbyists like me, I would suggest to start with BLE, NFC, and 5G

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(1) Connect Your MCU – Øivind Loe, Senior Product Manager – MCU and Sensors, Silicon Labs, 2020feb

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Fig 1

fig 1

Fig 2

fig 2c

Fig 3

fig 3

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