DC Motor power supply notes

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I want to connect power to a 3V DC motor straight from 3v3 GPIO. Is it safe or will I brick my Pi 3B+ ?

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    Depends on the motor and how you connect it. I wouldn’t use 3.3V – 5V is OK – Milliways 15 mins ago
  • Hello @Redlik, Welcome and nice to meet you. Ah, let me see. I think there is 97% chance you will fry the toy sooner, or later, for the following reasons: (1) Murphy’s law says “Whatever Rpi will fry, will fry”, (2) Doris Day also says “Whatever Rpi Will Fry, Will Fry”, (3) JM Keynes also says: “In the long run we [Rpi’s] are all dead”, / to continue, … – tlfong01 5 mins ago   
  • (4) Lenz’s Law says: “Every motor has a back EMF to fri your Rpi”. Every motor has a start and stall current many times than the working current. Eg, if your 3V motor drinks 500mA when running, the start and stop current might be 1.5A, frying the Rpi. Eg, When you try to break/switch off the current of a running 3V motor, the motor’s inductive coil refuses to break the current passing through it abruptly, and would try to counter the current change, using whatever back EMF to maintain the current, and often many times than the supply voltage. / to continue, … – tlfong01 4 mins ago   Edit   
  • So, there might be a 10 volt or higher to oppose the current change, this current, running in the opposite direction, shorts the Rpi power and signal circuit, generates heat, which happily fries the electronics stuff, and raises blue or white smoke, so get your smart phone camera ready to selfie the memorable moment of smoke getting into your eyes 🙂 – tlfong01 3 mins ago    Edit   

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