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Can anyone help me to identify each and every component on pi, like where is wifi chip, which one is processor etc etc?

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Welcome to the community. I’ve found a diagram on the internet from The Engineering Projects.

RPi 3 B+ Diagram

  • I found another one: imgur.com/gallery/oWoaV9H. – tlfong01 1 hour ago
  • And Rpi3B+ bottom polyfuse: imgur.com/9HTCE8V. – tlfong01 1 hour ago
  • More components at the bottom of the Rpi3B+: raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/104596/…. – tlfong01 1 hour ago
  • The one at imgur.com/gallery/oWoaV9H shows the diagram of RPi 4B, but the question refers to RPi 3B+. – Pradhyumna Narain 53 mins ago
  • Thank you sir, for sharing….i need some more information like about the identification of each chips present on the board like which one is wifi chip, which one is processor…like this. – Sukanya Pandey 28 mins ago
  • @Sukanya Pandey, thks for pointing out my careless mistake. My apologies. I was not aware the OP wants 3B+ only, 3A, 3B out of topic. I included 4B because the 3B+ diagram does not say about the black chip near the USB connector. OP does not mention if components on the bottom side also needed. So I hope 3B+ bottom should not be out of topic. I included 4B becasuse Ithink OP might upgrade to 4B sooner or later, so there is no harm knowing a little bit more about 4B. My apologies for any confusion caused. I am happy to remove my 4B diagram, if one more reader or the mod agrees with you. – tlfong01 23 mins ago
  • I studied the components on both Rpi3 and Rpi4 in general, because many of the components used belong to the same family. For example both use the same power supply chip, poly fuses. and even shape and layout are more or less similar. etc, though new version of Rpi made improvements. I often found that weak, or easily damaged parts in old versions/releases are improved, so when repairing 3B for example, I compare 4B and 3B, I can guess from the differences that which 3B components are replaced in Rp4, so they might be the weak component I should check out first. Sorry for my long windedness. – tlfong01 just now   Edit

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