ph-450C sensor

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When wiring it is the same in other ph sensors like dFrobot ? Any tutorial? website? Need help badly.

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  • This might help: raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/96653/…. If you have more specific requirements, like orange juice pH only, I am happy to update my answer. BTW, this is a Rpi board, how come you are asking about the low tech Arduino? – tlfong01 1 hour ago    
  • i have a rPi4 but i have to calibrate the ph-4502c ph meter other suggest to using arduino. Anw sir you have a suggestion how to calibrate ph-4502c ph meter using rpi4 ? – sefrwsef sdfsdfsdf 1 hour ago
  • Ah, my answer to the above ph-4502C question has a detailed description on setting up and calibrating the pH values of about 10 substances. If there are things there not very clear, you can ask here. I am happy to entertain your question here. PS – I would suggest you to remove the word “Arduino” from your question. If you agree, I can do the modification for you, to the following: “How can Rpi connect, configure, and read the pH-450C sensor?”. Cheers. – tlfong01 18 mins ago   
  • sorry sir i’m newbie. Any skecth on connecting rpi4 to ph sensor ? i dont know how to start. – sefrwsef sdfsdfsdf 13 mins ago
  • Sir another question when i calibrate ph sensors to rpi does it mean i will calibrte again using arduino or rpi calibration is enough ? cause my friends said it i will calibrate again. – sefrwsef sdfsdfsdf 24 secs ago
  • Well there are two pictures in my answer referred above: (1) How to short the BNC connector input to output to calibrate the offset, (2) A pinout diagram explaining the function of each pin of the meter and how it is connected. Please let me know if you could not find the pictures or you don’t understand the meanings of the pins. I am assuming that you have the basic knowledge and skills: (a) Using the Rpi to blink a LED, (b) How to use a multi-meter to measure voltage, (c) Basic ideas of electricity, such as Ohm’s Law. – tlfong01 14 secs ago   Edit   
  • If you don’t meet above (a) and (b), you first need to spend some time reading the MagPi magazine and build up your skills. You just cannot jump start to the expensive pH meter or you will fry it! – tlfong01 9 secs ago   Edit   

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