GSM SMS discussion notes

Q: How to connect my GSM Module to Raspberry Pi 3

olivakyleThis is my GSM Module: Is anyone familiar on how to connect this to my Raspberry Pi 3? Is still all I need or I have something missing?


Ah, let me see. The following Arduino connection might help:
WARNING: No guarantee no nothing won’t meltdown or blow up!:
(1) imgur.com/gallery/k1kNe0v. Or you might like to read the following:
(3) Sim800 AT Command Set cdn-shop.adafruit.com/datasheets/…
(4) SimCom Sim800/900 GSM/GPRS Modules espruino.com/SIM900.
Happy connecting. Cheers.
And my answer to the following question might also help: raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/104479/….

@BobBrown I’m having a difficult time trying to find one. Even finding that image took me some time. I’ll get back to you on that.
But in terms of what I want to do,
I just basically want to be able to send an sms message.
This AliExpress SIM800 catalog might help. aliexpress.com/w/wholesale-module-sim800.html.
@tlfong01 still no luck 😦

@olivakyle, what do you mean by “no luck”?. No match found? Actually you don’t need to look up the AliExpress catalog to find one matching your photo.
If your photo does match the real thing in hand, then there is no need to look further.
Look at the marking near the two pin yellow jumper.
It says “SM800C”. This means your module belongs to the SIM800 series.
In other words, you module is in general (wiring, AT commands etc) compatible to almost all SIM800/900 cards
WARNING: No Guarantee no nothing won’t melt down or blow up! Take my suggestion at your own risk!
@tlfong01 I’m still not able to find any references on how will I connect this to my Raspberry Pi 3 and how will I set it up.

And if what you want to do is SMS, then at least you need to read the 300+ pages AT Command Set Manual:
(1) SIM800 Series AT Command Manual V1.01 – SIMCom SIM Tech 2003
Of course you don’t read the 300+ pages from cover to cover. You only need to read the Contents page and follow my cheat sheet:
(1) Section 2 – AT Commands (ITU-T V25.ter) – Page 21,
(2) Section 5 – AT Commands for SIM Application Toolkit – Page 123
/to continue, …
(3) Section 6 – Detailed descriptions of AT Commands, AT Commands specific to SIMCom – Page 130 (Page 146~153 SMS)
(4) Section 20 – AT Command Examples Page 297 (Page 302 SMS Commands).
Happy friendly manual reading:) Cheers.

You might like first read, I mean skim the friendly manual, and then let me know to jump start to do SMS.
HI, then I will move one. Happy reading. See you later.

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