Rpi4B download speed test

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I have issue with curl and wget transfer speed on my new Raspberry Pi 4 1GB.

Pi is sonnected to the router by ethernet cable.

When I try to download for example a large test file or something from github transfer speed is around 30-40KB/s.

It does not matter if the output is a file on sd card or /dev/null.

When I run speedtest it shows 500Mbps and that is what my ISP offers.

When I try run the same curl/wget commands on my other RPi2b speed is maxed out for its 100Mbps ethernet.


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  • Ah, Rpi4B 1GB download 30-40kB/s is ridiculously slow. I have a Rpi4B 1GB/2GB to test right now. Can you give me the exact wget command for a very large file “wget http: …” and any check speed commands your are using for me to test for you to compare? – tlfong01 45 mins ago    
  • I am using this site for a mentioned large files thinkbroadband.com/download and speedtest is this one speedtest.net/apps/cli – krzysiej 27 mins ago
  • Many thanks. I hope to try it in 60 minutes, and let you know the results. Cheers. – tlfong01 8 mins ago


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