Python 2.7 IDLE and 3.5 Thonny notes

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I have a RPi2 with Buster 2019-09-26 freshly flashed. Entering python --version in a terminal returns Python 2.7.17 I want to use the original IDLE that came with Python a couple/few years ago. I have searched here for a few days now without luck. I have seen points made such as

  • Python 2 not recommended, use Python 3
  • IDLE is not recommended, use Thonny etc.
  • Support has been (or will shortly be) dropped for Python 2.7.xx

I still want to use the original IDLE that came with Python 2.7

Using apt to install IDLE for Python2 makes it show up in the menu (or lets it appear in Main Menu Editor, I can’t remember which), but clicking it is no different than clicking the icon for IDLE 3.

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    You already have found the answer by yourself: python2 isn’t supported anymore. You should really use python3 now. B.t.w. the question has nothing to do with Raspberry Pi. – Ingo 35 mins ago
  • @Ingo It’s not supported anymore, but it still runs, doesn’t it? If I already know 2.7 and it suits my needs, why would I want to spend the energy to learn 3? If my question is that far off topic and such a nuisance then it should be closed. – asdfasdfasdf 23 mins ago
  • Well let me share my experience. Not too many years ago I took an free online MIT OCW first year course and started learning python. They were using python 2.7 and I started PC Windows IDLE 2.7 but found it very user unfriendly. I also read from python conference reviews that everybody thought IDLE was bad. I also read that python 2.7 had a major upgrade to 3.5.3 and removed many bad things. So I took up python again, using Rpi 2/3/3+. From Rpi3 the GUI had much improved and IDLE had become rather user friendly. – tlfong01 21 mins ago   
  • Before that I actually tried PyBoard and BBC MicroBit’s micro python which I found them slow, though PyBoard hardware was interesting. In those years, on and off I was still playing with Win7, .NET C/C++/C#. I learnt many good things in C#, including the name space and modules ideas which I later found that could be transferred to python 3.5.3. In between I also played with LUA which borrowed many things from MIT Scheme of which I was huge fan and learnt many ideas, mainly functional programming and list processing (I finally discarded OO and Java. – tlfong01 15 mins ago   
  • Up to now, I still belong to the school thinking that OO and Java are huge mistakes, though can be remedied by Scala. Fast forwarded to Rpi4B buster Thronny Python 3.73. I was rather annoyed that IDLE, was replaced by Thonny, which I think, like Genny, not so user friendly as IDLE, which I was already hooked. Anyway, I reluctantly started using Thonny because I had no choice, because you could not install IDLE in buster. – tlfong01 7 mins ago   
  • After some six hobbyist months in Thonny, I gradually realized that I found Thonny very user friendly with the result that my python coding development time become perhaps 30% faster, mainly because of the better debugging tools. My change of mind is very much like when I switched from Win7 to Win10. I was very reluctantly to make the change to Win10, which I found many things not “natural”. But like IDLE to Thonny, I am very glad to have made the change to Thonny. – tlfong01 4 mins ago   Edit   
  • I am writing my long python, IDLE to Thonny story, because I owed much from all those who developed open software, including linux, and python, and many other software tools. Many thanks for reading my long old dog learning new tricks story (also my daily use of English exercise! 🙂 Cheers. – tlfong01 7 secs ago   Edit   

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