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NRF24L01 Is a work in the 2.4-2.5 GHz world band ISM single chip transceiver, wireless transceiver including:
the frequency generator the mode controller SchockBurstTM improved power amplifier modulator crystal amplifier demodulator power channel output and protocol defined by the SPI interface to define a very low current consumption, Lower current consumption mode 12.3mA power off mode and standby mode in 6dBm transmission transmission mode when consumption current is the acceptance model 9.0mA.
Ball to open maximum ISM band 0dBm transmit power, license-exempt use. The open 100 meters!
Supports six channels of data reception
(1) low operating voltage: 1.9 ~~ 3.6 V low voltage
(2) high speed: 2 Mbps, the air transmission time is very short, considerably reducing the wireless transmission of collision phenomena (software parameters 1 Mbps or 2 Mbps air transmission rate)
Multi-frequency points: 125 frequency points, to meet the needs of multi-point communications and frequency hopping communications
4 ultra-compact: integrated 2.4 GHz compact antenna 15x29mm (antenna included)
(5) low energy consumption: in communication mode, the rapid air transmission and start-up time considerably reduce current consumption.
Low application cost: NRF24L01 integrates the entire RF protocol high speed signal processing section, such as: automatically send back lost packets and automatically generate recognition signal, etc. nRF24L01 SPI interface can take advantage of hardware SPI port of microcontroller or microcontroller I O port to simulate internal ifop can be used with a variety of low speed microprocessor interface, low cost microcontroller easy to use.

7 facilitate development: the bonding layer is fully integrated into the module, very easy to develop.Automatic retransmission function, automatic detection and retransmission of lost packets, the retransmission time and the number of retransmission can be automatic storage controlled by software is not received the packet of the response signal automatic response, after receiving a data valid, the module automatically sends the response Fixed frequency detection signals without any additional programming support detect the integrated hardware CRC error detection and point-to-multipoint communication address packet control transmission counter error and carrier detection can be used for the frequency hopping set can also configure six to receive the channel address, can have a choiceDip2.54MM spindle spacing interfaces for embedded applications are standard open channel reception.


1. Characteristics of the Module:
1) using the I2C communication protocol (TWI), which considerably simplifies the NRF24L01 communication process,
Users do not need to understand the cumbersome communication process NRF24L01, which greatly improves project development
The effectiveness.
2) each module is as I2C slave (TWI) (address 35)
3) the module is small and long 73mm wide 22mm
4) gentle two-way communication, independent of the slave and the master.
5) the maximum transmission distance can reach 70m (for production test)
6) NRF24L01 wireless communication chip reliable communication protocol, reducing data loss
7) the I2C / TWI protocol considerably simplifies the lines of communication,
8) perfectly compatible with arduino
2. Applications:
Robot control, remote control. Information gathering, etc.
Note: wireless communications may have radiation is not recommended for use in life protection.
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3. associated parameters
Operating voltage: 5 V, no short-circuit protection circuit, when used, take care not to reverse the polarity.
Weight: 6g
The Module receives the data retention time: more than 2 S
The module sends the data retention time: more than 300 s
Transfer rate: 50 bytes / S (theoretical value)
I2C / TWI address: 0x47 (decimal 35)
Address NRF24L01: 0x34, 0x43, 0x10, 0x10, 0x01 (from low to high)
Maintaining transmission data means when the module (TWI slave) receives data sent to the host after the data has been transmitted to another module, then waits to receive another response signal from a module, if the time d waiting is still not a signal of general recognition. Then the module will return the data, the waiting time for the data will be multiplied by the number of modules that send data
The Module receives the data retention time is when the module (TWI slave) receives NRF24L01 passes over the immediately shielded data NRF24L01, the system jumps to wait for the host to take over the data, the maximum waiting time is to receive the data retention time
4. test compatible devices
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5. Mechanical drawings
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Hardware interface
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6. Guide operations
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This module is used I2C / TWI communication, wireless communication module using NRF, safe and reliable. Significantly reduces data loss in the three-state communication process: MCU read data, free mode (MCU write data or NRF24L01 write data) module is busy (module sends data ).
1) the state of the data read by MCU is, the MCU module reads the state data, then the module receives NRF24L01 data sent and saved, waiting for the host to read, (LED module in lights)
Note: read the NRF24L01 data state shield, i.e. NRF24L01 it cannot perform any operation, while the state has data read data hold time, if it exceeds hold time to read the data host, the module automatically goes into free mode
2) the free mode (MCU NRF24L01 to write data or write data) is: the NRF24L01 module and the host (TWI / I2C) can only write to it. (Output / input LEDs are off)
Here are several possible modules to go into free mode:
The module sends the data reaches the maximum number of
Successfully modulates transmitted data
MCU receives data from module
Free status beyond the waiting time
3) the module is busy state, when the module receives the data sent from the host computer module jumped into the busy state, and periodically sends data to another module, waiting for another module to send a response signal if after a period of time (the module sends the data retention time) And then it was not used for any response data, the module automatically jumps into free mode. If you receive the response signal. The Modules jump in free mode. (the LED module turns off the lights)
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MCU sends the module address if the module generates the returned response data is not “0x47”, then reads the data proven successful.
Each can only read one byte of data
Write Data Format
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Address MCU and send the data transmission module, each can send only one byte of data and generates a stop bit. If the module is busy, you must return the
Note: when the module is inactive when the host reads the data is still read, the results are 0x47
When receiving data in the MCU must filter 0x47 (decimal 71), otherwise the program goes bad
Communication experiences using the module:
Experimental conditions:
Two wireless module, arduino 328, arduino ADK.
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Procedures and Results:
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Description: this experience is this arduino ADK first send data, then waits to receive, if the data received, the data received are displayed as shown above COM3, arduino UNO first waits to receive, then does not receive the data before any data appears in the data returned to the module. The cycle
1 (2)
1 x ATMEGA48 + NRF24L01 Wireless module interface
1 x NRF24L01 wireless module
1 (3)148214831484


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