Rpi GPIO pin to receive data?

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Can I receive data which is transmitted through UART port from a transmitter side raspberry pi on a receiver side Raspberry pi’s GPIO pin??

  • Yes………… – Milliways 34 mins ago
  • Hi @kunal, Welcome and nice to meet you. Ah, let me see. (1) It is a bit confusing of what do you mean by “receiving side” or “transmitting/sending” side. Let us say, one Win10 PC is connected to a Rpi, using serial/UART cables, both set at 9,600baud, 8N1. Now either side can send data through its Tx pin/wire, OR receive data through its Rx pin/wire. In this case the Rx/Tx pins are crossing over, ie, one side’s TX is connect to the other side’s Rx, and vice versa. – tlfong01 19 mins ago   
  • If you agree what I am saying, then let me know what do you want to do, say, not using Rpi’s on board hardware Tx, Rx pin, but instead, use two GPIO pins to pretend/fake Tx/Rx pins and thus do “software” serial communication? – tlfong01 18 mins ago   
  • In the above case, you can use terminal emulators such as puTTY, miniCom, or say, python programs doing serial communcation on bothsides. Now if you want Rpi to use GPIO, and not its TxD, RxD pins, then you need to write, say a python program to let one GPIO pin as a software/fake pin to send data, and another GPIO pin as software/fake RxD pin to receive data. And if you don’t want Rpi to send, but just receive data, then you need just one GPIO pin. To conclude, the answer to your question is a big “YES”. – tlfong01 1 min ago   Edit   
  • And before I go, if you want to try writing the python program, ask another question and I am happy to see how you are doing. This is a reference for newbies to get started: Rpi3 to Arduino Serial UART Communication Tutorial raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/96184/…. Happy python programming. Cheers. – tlfong01 1 min ago   Edit   

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