GSOC WiFi Connection Problem

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I checked out the GSOC (Girl Scouts of Orange County) Raspberry Pi and it comes with an adapter to connect to the wifi. I followed all the instructions in the accompanying binder step-by-step, but was unable to connect to my local wifi network. I even bought a new adapter but still no luck. I tried to establish a connection using different wifi networks at different places as well. Help! Ruba

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  • Hi @ruba, Welcome and nice to meet you. Ah, let me see. I think what you are missing is the following tutorial: (1) How to setup WiFi on Raspberry Pi 2 using USB Dongle – Anusha, Electronics Hub 2017jul07 electronicshub.org/setup-wifi-raspberry-pi-2-using-usb-dongle. You may like to follow the instructions and let us know if you don’t understand something, or get stuck somewhere where. Happy project. Cheers! ) – tlfong01 yesterday   
  • What happens when you boot up the Raspberry? Do you see the little WiFi icon in the task bar (as shown on page 8 of the set-up instructions)? Why do you think you need a WiFi dongle? Most recent models of Raspberry Pi (since 3B & ZeroW) have on-board WiFi. – Dougie yesterday
  • Welcome — but there is almost no information about the GSOC Pi online. You will need to indicate what model of Pi you are talking about and what OS you are using, as well as making explicit the “step-by-step” from a binder stuff, since otherwise we do not know what you have done. – goldilocks yesterday
  • About GSOC: penzu.com/p/9e5ba230. – tlfong01 yesterday   
  • Thank you @tlfong01. I followed the tutorial you provided a link to. It is similar to the instructions that I have in the binder. However, I was unable to establish a wifi connection. I looked at the troubleshooting section in the tutorial, and it is either an issue of compatibility or power, neither which I know how to solve. I used the dongle that came in the kit and I don’t have any information about the model of the pi or the dongle. Is there anywhere else that I should look?/anything else that I should try? I really want my girl scouts to have a good experience with the raspberry pi. – ruba 3 hours ago
  • Hi @Ruba, Thank you for your questions. Now let me see. First, one clarification: Before I answered, I first googled for the info I summarized in my penzu learning diary. The docs I searched said there should be a WiFi setup guide, but I could not find it. So I thought even you had it, the guide might not be that good as I recommended, so I recommend one to you. Now that I know you have two Wifi setup guide but still could not solve your problem. So perhaps there might be some newbie trouble overlooked by the user guide writers. / to continue, … – tlfong01 1 hour ago   
  • Now quick replies. I have been playing with Rpi since Rpi1. I remember the days I got my Rpi2 without WiFi, and needed to use a dongle. Anyway, I am pretty sure that your Rpi is Rpi2 without Wifi controller on board, so you need a dongle. And if the guys lending you the kit are considerate, they should have known that the borrowers are newbies and should checked that their Rpi2 and dongle should match each other. – tlfong01 1 hour ago   
  • Actually I was a bit upset that your wasted your money buying a new dongle, because I did the same thing, buying a new dongle because the first dongle I bought not was not working (later I found that I wrongly set up something, … :). – tlfong01 1 hour ago   
  • Now a couple of troubleshooting suggestions: (1) Use your smart phone to connect to your WiFi network, to make sure the USERNAME and PASSWORD you are using can connect. You need to use these same username and password for your Rpi and dongle. Let me know you can do this, before I move on, … – tlfong01 1 hour ago   
  • Ah, I forgot one thing important. In case you have tried everything and still no luck, double check to make sure you have done the following: (1) Setup WIFI COUNTRY CODE (from Rpi GUI Desktop > Rpi Config > WiFi Country Code), (2) From GUI Desktop > top right corner’s little “WiFi“ icon/picture seeing WiFi is not turned off, and you can find the name of the network you are trying to connect, … (3) More complications here: Sometimes if the router is set for both (a) 2GHz WiFi network, (b) 5GHz WiFi network option, Try 2GHz first, because the faster 5G might be too fast for your old dongle! – tlfong01 19 secs ago   Edit   

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