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I was wondering if inductors have a use for raspberry pi beginner/intermediate projects.

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Q: Do inductors have a use with raspberry pi?

Bob JoeI was wondering if inductors have a use for raspberry pi beginner/intermediate projects.

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Hi @Bob Joe, Welcome and Nice to meet you. Now let me see. In our Universe, there are three electronics toys we can play with:
(1) Resister,
(2) Capacitor,
(3) Inductor. Reister is easy: capacitor is 3 times harder, inductor is 10 times harder.
I only seriously started with inductors a year ago, when I hope to play with relays. It was only when I discovered that relay has a solenoid, and solenoid is an inductor.
This reminds me of what I learned in middle school physics: Electricity and Magnetism.
Looking back I shamedly found that there are too many basic things I don’t understand about E&M, eg. How come my home mains has 3 wires, L, N, E. What the hell are they, and where they come from and go to?
How come inductor can store magnetic energy, where capacitor electrical energy. Why inductor can fly back EMF, What the hell is back EMF? Is it the same thins as EMI?
I could sleep well because the inductor things have already fried my Rpi3B+ and a couple of power supplies.
And before my 10 year old nephew discover that I don’t know even these basic things, I secretly visited “Electronics Tutorials” website to start learning these basic things, what is inductor, what is impedance.
Sadly If found my maths is not good enough what is to thoroughly understand the basic ideas (you need to know what is “e”, “j” and the scarly thing called “calculus” to know why inductor current is a j thing, and capacitor charge is an “e” thing.
So I gave up very soon, thinking that I might try it again later. But I did write up something to pretend that I do know a little bit of inductor.
Many thanks for reading my morning use of English assignment. I am thinking aloud, sorry fo all the typos, … Perhaps the time has come for me to resume my learning things in the Universe, for the benefit of the harmony of the Universe:
And if you skimm my penzu diary on learning inductors, you see me talking about the 5V relay KY019. And if you search on what I have been messing around you will found that I have scribbled more than 1,000 posts on relays, solenoids etc: “Search found 370
Relay Module KY -019 tlfong01″ Searched query: Relay Module KY -019 tlfong01. And this the the first of my 1,000+ posts on inductor, I mean relay:
Happy learning and cheers! 🙂
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