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enter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description hereYo, My name is Fabi,

Like 2 Months ago i started this “Project”. I wanted to controll my LED Strip using my Pi. And this pi should host a Local webpage so i could control my led strip using any device in my Network. But unfortnetly im not very good at using Transistors, Cables, Grounds and stuff like that.


I have wired everything correctly i think (i checked it like 20 times), i rewired everthing 4 to 5 times, too and it still doesnt work how it should. So there is this software called PIGPIO, and basically, if i want to controll a certain pin on the pi i have to type “pigs p (the pin in this case 17) 255(for the intensitiy of the color 0 till 255). Thats what i know, and i also understood. But if iam typing this into the console, the led still has the same color i dont know how to fix it.

please help !111!!!!1!1 😀


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    A LED strip is not normally controlled by sending PWM. Could you edit your question and include the model of LED strip you have bought. Also a clear photo or photos showing the wiring between the Pi and the LED strip will be useful. – joan 6 hours ago
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    working on it i just took some pictures, thanks for the fast response 🙂 – NKFabian 6 hours ago
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    Add a link to the LED strip that you are using. – CoderMike 6 hours ago
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  • Hi@NKFabian, Ah, let me see. Your Amazon LED strip has a 24 key remote, so there is no need to DIY: (3) LED strip RGB 10m SMD 5050 [24Key IR Remote] €30 – Amazon 2019dec amazon.de/gp/product/B07XQ995VG/…. – tlfong01 12 mins ago   
  • But if you wish to DIY, I suggest to start with Lady’s newbie friendly tutorial: (1) The Magic of NeoPixels – Lady Ada 2013Papr learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-neopixel-uberguide/…. – tlfong01 11 mins ago   
  • NeoPixel is a bit hard to control. You might like to the following LED strip question’s answer with a long list of references for DIY newbies: (1) Raspberry Pi and car led ground effects – 2019mar raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/98555/…. – tlfong01 8 mins ago   
  • Your LED strip is 5050 based. You can find AdaFruit’s 5050 NeoPixel Stick LED strip description and tutorials: (4) NeoPixel Stick – 8 x 5050 RGB LED with Integrated Drivers – AdaFruit $6: adafruit.com/product/1426. I have a couples of LED x 8 strips in hand. Show us the link to the tutorial your are following, and I can check out if they are compatible to Rpi4B buster Thonny python 3.7.3 (Sorry, I have no older versions of Rpi to reproduce your trouble). – tlfong01 5 mins ago    

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