RFM95 868MHz and Lora notes

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I am trying to control my electric blind (elero brand, controlled by this remote) from my RPi4, and while I’m fine tinkering with anything on the software side, I must admit my knowledge of GPIO and RF stuff is close to nil.

Much like this previous poster, I’ve found out that 868MHz RF transmitters are a lot less common than 435MHz. And of the ones leftover, I struggle to confirm which ones might let me capture and replicate the signals sent by my remote…

Among (local) online options, I found:

  • LoRa RF transmitters ostensibly geared at Arduino (but I guess could be wired to the RPi4 GPIO ports?), but also specific to LoRa protocol, which doesn’t seem to be what my blinds use (?)
  • Waveshare LoRa hat which would take up all my RPi4 GPIO ports… Also: still LoRa…
  • Various boards and USB gateways to the “enocean” protocol, which I’m assuming also wouldn’t play with my random other-brand blinds…

Any guidance on what type of RF transmitter I should be looking for, and what the next steps might be to hook it up to my RPi4 and replicate existing signals?

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