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Do you know what Screen readers work on the Pi 3? (A screen reader reads out text on the screen and is what I need to enable to be able to use devices because I am blind)

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    Did you read the article on raspberrypi.org here: raspberrypi.org/blog/… ? There are some links to a discussion group etc where you might find the info you need. – Charemer 11 hours ago
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    @LegendusMaximus, Welcome and nice to meet you. Ah, let me see. I have not heard of screen reader before. So I wikied, and googled key words “screen reader” and “Raspberry Pi”. I found the following article interesting: “Getting the orca screen reader working with a raspberry pi – Pranav 2019feb23”, techesoterica.com/?p=1135. I followed the instructions and installed Orca in my Rpi4B, only taking me less than 15 minutes. Then I ran the Orca program in my Rpi4B Buster GUI Desktop LXTerminal, without expecting anything, because I have not seen any one playing with it. tlfong01 11 hours ago
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    Then I happily had the following surprising experience: Orca speaks clearly, with a robot voice, the first line in the terminal word by word, using eSpeak, I think. I guess you should have tried Orca before, so I would not go into the details. I am happy to give you more details of the Orca installation, if you would like to try it in Rpi. – tlfong01 11 hours ago
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    Presuming you are using Raspbian (the issue has more to do with the operating system than the brand of hardware), almost everything that’s available in Debian is available in Raspbian. Searching Debian "screen reader" turns up some stuff, including the fact that GNOME (a desktop environment) includes a stock screen reader. GNOME may be a bit memory heavy for a Pi 3, so check out other stuff (such as Orca) first. – goldilocks9 hours ago
  • I have not heard of Orca how do you install it? – LegendusMaximus 9 hours ago
  • @LegendusMaximus, Ah, let me see. I think Orca must be a rather new tool, or only for linuix, so you have not heard of it. Perhaps you can let me know if you have any experience in other screen readers, eg. in Winodws. Actually I have zero experience in any screen readers, Windows or otherwise. I think I must google again to check out if Orca is a good suggestion or not. Just now I googled the user guide: help.gnome.org/users/orca/stable. Perhaps we both can skim through it and see if it is worth trying. – tlfong01 1 hour ago
  • @LegendusMaximus, Now I am reading the Orca docs, starting with the intro: help.gnome.org/users/orca/stable/introduction.html.en. I am happy to find that it is free, open source, and well documented. I will let you know my other first impressions as I read on. If you like, you can just casually read my comments. I think I need to read the docs in more detail, and also google further, to make very sure Orca is worth our time getting our fee wet, then I would write up my experience of installing it on my Rpi4B buster. Then you can try installing Orca using your Rpi3B buster. . – tlfong01 46 mins ago
  • @LegendusMaximus,, Now I know Orca is a GNOME thing. I heard the name GNOME from time to time, but never knew what exactly it is, perhaps just another crazy hacker writing funny software. Anyway, I am reading about the GNOME thing to find out more: gnome.org/about. It says the following: “We [GNOME] promote software freedom: GNOME brings companies, volunteers, professionals and non-profits together from around the world. We make GNOME 3: a complete free software solution for everyone.”. So GNOME sounds good. I will move on. See you later, … – tlfong01 36 mins ago
  • @LegendusMaximus, Now I have skimmed the following: (A) Screen Reader and Screen Reader List Wikipedis, (B) Linux SpeakUp Project and User Guide: (1) Screen Readers Wikipedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screen_reader (2) List of Screen Readers Wikipedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_screen_readers (3) Linux SpeakUp Project linux-speakup.org (4) Linux SpeakUp Screen Reader User Guide (Last modified 2010) linux-speakup.org/spkguide.txt, to continue, … – tlfong01 51 secs ago   Edit

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