MCP23S17 address decoding

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I am planning on using the MCP23S17 port expander for my use case but upon wiring them up , it would seem that the MCP23S17 which is the SPI version of the port expander has address pins which is weird. The SPI protocol does not need addresses but instead rely on the Chip Select pin. What is this for ?

  • Ah let me see. The address decoding pins A2, A1, A0, are for you to select one of up to 8 MCP23S17s (See Datasheet Section 3.3). If you have only one MCP23S17, then you can connect those three pins to ground (CANNOT leave them floating) and use 000 to select the MCP23017: imgur.com/gallery/NamPVPW. – tlfong01 3 mins ago    Edit

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