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I am trying to use the serial port on the Raspberry but when I run the example below I have the message:

TypeError: ‘module’ object is not callable

import time
import serial

ser = serial.serial(
        baudrate = 9600,

while 1:
        print (x)
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  • Hi @Wagner Ideali, Welcome. Ah let me see. Your edited program does not seem to match the earlier error message, therefore should mislead future readers. Anyway, I tried tracin back the original picture and reproduce your situation, but failed: imgur.com/gallery/1Rh4vVk. – tlfong01 41 mins ago   
  • Your original version seems to have a syntax/typo error of “serial.serial(…)” which should read “serial.Serial(…)”. So I tried to run your version 1 and got the same error as yours. So far so good. Now your version 2 have a new error. I guess it is the serial/.write and serial readline error. Anyway I have summarized version 1 and version 2 results in the following penzu link:penzu.com/p/350d51c9. If you can confirm I have understood your question correctly, then I would move on to compile my answer. Cheers.. – tlfong01 18 mins ago    


Linux and Python are case sensitive.

Try ser = serial.Serial(

  • Could you edit your question and cut&paste the full traceback? – joan 12 hours ago
  • 1
    @WagnerIdeali You should edit your question to add information, not add a comment. – joan 10 hours ago
  • 1
    @WagnerIdeali There is a link below your question named edit. Please click on it and add additional information to the question. – Ingo 7 hours ago

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