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I am using Raspberry Pi 3 model B. NoW I need to connect 3 ultrasonic sensor and 1 3.2 kg servo motor for my project. How should i connect them such my raspberry pi does not get fried. Please help in making circuit.

Should i give external power supply or RPi 5v dc supply and how?

The servo motor i will be using REES52 Futaba S3003 Servo Motor Ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04

PLEAS Help!!!

  • There are hundreds of tutorials showing how to connect those components. Please follow one for the sonar ranger and one for the servo. If you have a problem let us know and we will be able to help. – joan 17 hours ago
  • Hi @Ashbir Dhiman, Wellcome! And let me see. (1) Your choice of sensor and servo is OK for newbies. For ninjas, there are other more than OK choices. But of course if you were a ninja, you won’t ask your newbie question here. (2) Servos need huge current, especially when they carry heavy load, or when stalled. The current can be over 1A. So my warning to newbies is always use external power, say 5V 5A+ for 3 servos. Ninjas usually use 6V or even 7.5V to show that they know more than newbies. – tlfong01 10 hours ago   
  • (3) I would recommend Rpi sensors (HR04 eg) and actuators (S3003) use python for programming. (4) New generation US sensors usually talk Serial/UART. So if you are planning long term, bear in mind you might switch to UART, not GPIO later. / to continue, … – tlfong01 10 hours ago   
  • And I said your servo and ultrasound module is OK for newbies. I did also once played with S3003 and HC04, but later tried a couple of other modules. If you search this forum for servos, you will find me using TowerPro MG99x Pro as example, because one Rpi “official” tutorial also uses this cheapie model. I usually recommend to search AliExpress catalog to select the one that suits you: (1) AliExpress TowerPro MGxxx Servo fr.aliexpress.com/…, / to continue, … – tlfong01 4 hours ago   
  • (2) AliExpress HC-SR04/05/06/0x Ultrasond Module fr.aliexpress.com/…, Happy programming and cheers. – tlfong01 4 hours ago    
  • In case you are curious how is Futaba compared with the other two also popular brands Tower Pro and Hitec, here is a comprsion chart: Servo Specifications and Reviews – ServoDatabase.com servodatabase.com – tlfong01 16 mins ago   
  • Some more references you might be interested: (1) Rpi Servo Motor Control Tutorial [Using Tower Pro MG996R] rpi.com tutorials-raspberrypi.com/raspberry-pi-servo-motor-control (2) AdaFruit Rpi Python controlling servo tutorial (wiringpi is deprecited!) learn.adafruit.com/… (3) AdaFruit Servo and PWM Servo Driver (I2C 16 Channel PWM PCA9685) Catalog adafruit.com/category/232. – tlfong01 50 secs ago   Edit   

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