cjmcu 2551 can bus module

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CJMCU-2551 MCP2551 can protocol controller high speed bus interface module
CJMCU-2551 is a fault-tolerant, high-speed devices can be used as can the protocol controller and bus physical interface.
MCP2551 provides differential reception capability to the CAN protocol controller, which is fully ISO-11898 compliant, including 24V power requirements.
Generally, each node on the CAN system must have a device, the digital signal is converted into CAN controller generates a signal for bus transport.
It also provides high voltage spikes between the CAN controller and the CAN bus attached to the buffer, these high pressure spikes can be generated by an external device.
Supports the execution rate of 1 mo / s.
· Meet the ISO-11898 requirements of the standard physical layer.
· Suitable for 12V and 24V systems. External slope control, reduce RFI.
Automatic detection of TXD input earth fault.
· Resetting the power supply and protecting the voltage.
· Node unpowered or brown will not affect the CAN bus.
· Low power standby operation.
* Up to 112 nodes can be connected.

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